LaCava Auto Parts and Services: Seasonal Care in Fall River

seasonal car care in Fall RiverYour vehicle has different needs, depending on the time of year. When it comes to DIY auto repairs, preventive maintenance, or if you are planning a complete overhaul, you can count on LaCava Auto Parts and Services in Fall River to provide you with the tools, parts, products, and equipment you need to get the job done right. Professional mechanics and home repair gurus alike trust LaCava Brothers for all of their auto parts and servicing needs. We also offer valuable services to help you keep your vehicle running safely and performing at its best all year round. So whether you need new wiper blades installed for those spring showers or if you are interested in rotor turning services for new brakes as part of your winter car services, we can offer affordable options to ensure you achieve your goals.

Common Issues in Summer

With the hot summer months just around the corner, it is essential to make sure your vehicle is prepared for any eventuality. LaCava Auto Parts and Services offers free battery testing in Fall River, so you can have peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle will start when you take that road trip with the family. Summer services are different from winter car services, providing checks and preventive maintenance for things like HVAC to ensure the air conditioning will work and oil changes to ensure the engine won’t overheat. Check the tires to ensure they are in good condition for those hot roads, and replace worn wiper blades with our FREE installation whenever you purchase a set at our Fall River auto parts store.

Another area to make sure to inspect – or have inspected by a reliable mechanic – is your vehicle’s belts and hoses. The drive belt, in particular, is one of those parts that will commonly give out during the heat and strain of summer. While you’re at it, check your brake pads and rotors to see how much life is left. You might be eligible for rotor turning services to save on costs associated with replacing rotors or drums during a brake job. We have all of the parts, tools, and equipment you need to perform quality brake, belt, and engine servicing in your own home garage. Even if you are more of a DIY car repair novice, we have everything you might want to maintain your battery, check the tire pressure, and perform minor repairs and services to save on premium mechanic or dealership costs.

Common Issues in Winter

Spring and fall are somewhere in between the heat of summer and the freezing snow and ice of winter. For winter car services, make sure to get your vehicle serviced or perform preventive maintenance services at home before the real winter weather hits New England. Whether you drive a long commute to Boston each day or do a more local route to drop kids off at school and run errands, it is essential to ensure that your vehicle is in safe running condition this time of year. Consider switching to winter tires and learn how to properly store your all-weather tires when they are not in use. Install winter wipers – make sure to ask about our free services for wiper installations with purchase and free battery testing in Fall River.

Maintain your tire pressure – don’t just rely on the computer information from your vehicle. Learn how to check it yourself and how to fill the tires safely. Keep the washer fluid filled with seasonal products to ensure that you can keep your windows clear for driving. Experts suggest that you keep your gas tank at least half full – even in these days of high-priced fuel – to prevent condensation and make sure you are prepared for possible emergency situations. Garage your vehicle whenever possible and stay on top of preventive maintenance services throughout the winter season.

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If you need auto parts, tools, equipment, products, or services to effectively maintain your vehicle, make sure to visit our Fall River location and take advantage of our extensive stock and friendly customer service. Located on Bedford Street, you can contact our team by calling 508-676-1951 to learn more about our hours of operation or to get directions to our auto parts store.