Pro-Quality Auto Parts & Tools: LaCava Brothers in Fall River

parts and tools Fall RiverFor more than 70 years, LaCava Brothers Auto Supply in Fall River has proudly served the Southcoast communities with quality auto parts, tools, products, and equipment. We sell to professional mechanics and individuals who appreciate having all of the name-brand parts and tools necessary to get the job done right. Whether you like tinkering in your garage on the weekend or work in a professional repair shop during the week, you can count on our Fall River auto parts and services store to have everything you need in stock and to help you locate hard-to-find parts when you need them the most.

A Large Inventory of Parts

We proudly carry a vast inventory of parts and accessories – everything you could want for minor and major automotive repairs and preventive maintenance – at our auto supply in Fall River. From oil changes and tune-ups to complete overhauls, we have the parts and automotive supplies you need in stock. We have parts for every type of job, including brakes, drums, rotors, and calipers, as well as all the belts and hoses for your domestic and foreign vehicles. Electrical and wiring parts, tools, equipment, and all the supplies for water pumps and fuel related issues. A/C replacement parts, alternators, starters, automatic transmission, chassis parts, emissions, engine parts and mounts, valvetrain and transmission parts, sensors, and high-performance parts can all be purchased at our Fall River auto parts and services store.

We work with all the major brands for your car or truck, including reliable manufacturers like AC Delco, Motorcraft, Wagner, Pennzoil, and Gates. We also stock Moog, Monroe, CRP, Delphi, Wix, Timken, Walker, and Denso to ensure you have the quality parts you need to take care of all your repairs and services. Stop by our local auto parts store to check out all of the products available for your professional or weekend project. In the event that you need something that we do not carry – or if we happen to be out of stock – we have supplier catalogs on hand for our customers to place special orders. If you live or work in the Fall River area, we can even deliver it FREE to your home when it comes into our store or have it shipped to you directly.

Quality Tools for Automotive Repairs

In addition to parts, products, and accessories for your automotive work or projects, LaCava Brothers also has a wide range of special tools, standard mechanic’s tools, and professional quality equipment to help you be more efficient and effective in your repairs. Some jobs require specific tools or safety equipment, and we have it all in stock at our auto supply in Fall River to help you get the work done correctly. We also carry a wide range of chemicals and automotive products so you can keep your vehicle and garage in shape – no matter what time of year or how you use your vehicle. We understand that keeping your vehicle maintained is a very important part of car ownership, so we do everything we can to have it all ready for you when you need it.

Some of the tools and chemicals that we stock at our Fall River auto parts and services store include gloves and cleaning products, storage products, and repair manuals – plus, we also keep electronic hand scanners available for our customers. Make sure that you properly diagnose the problem to save time and money on guesswork and get your vehicle back up and running as soon as possible. Choose from a variety of jacks and jack stands, air tools and power tools, and even safety equipment for your professional automotive shop or home garage. Spill cleanup products, oil and lube tools, oil and gas line treatments, pro-quality hand cleaner, and much more can help you have everything you need within reach the next time you work on your car.

Visit LaCava Brothers in Fall River

If you need parts, tools, equipment, or products to complete an automotive repair, build, or perform preventive maintenance, visit LaCava Brothers Auto Supply in Fall River. Located on Bedford Street, we have everything you need to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and ensure that your automotive repair shop is fully stocked to help you serve your customers better. Call our team at 508-676-1951 or use our online Parts Lookup tool to find everything you need at our auto parts store.