Save Money on Vehicle Maintenance in Fall River: DIY Repairs

save money on DIY auto repairsWhen the going gets tough, the tough start taking care of business and do preventive maintenance repairs on their own. We live in a wonderful world where in-depth videos and how-to instructions are available online to do everything from at-home oil changes to installing new brake pads. When it comes to auto repair services, the bulk of the cost is associated with labor. If you can learn how to do basic maintenance and repair services in your driveway or home garage, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year in vehicle costs. Practically any simple repair can be done at home with a basic knowledge and cache of mechanic’s tools without having to bring your vehicle to a professional garage. Not sure what parts you need? LaCava Auto Parts and Services has you covered with our Parts Lookup Tool that matches you with products based on the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

Fall River Auto Supply

When you visit LaCava Brothers local supply and services in Fall River, you can consult with our friendly team of customer service staff to discuss your needs for performing at-home maintenance and repairs. Ready to do your first oil change? We can tell you all of the parts, fluids, filters, and tools that you will need to get the job done right. Need to do a brake job? We have all of the top name brands in brake pads, drums, and rotors, plus we also offer rotor turning services for eligible parts to ensure safe performance and increased cost savings. Our Fall River auto supply carries all of the tools that you need to tackle manufacturer-recommended servicing and other preventive maintenance and emergency repairs.

One of the best tools that you can use to find out what is going on with your vehicle is the Performance Tool diagnostic scan tool that we sell at LaCava Auto Parts and Services. For just $29.99, you can use a professional diagnostic tool that works with most 1996 and later models, including American, Asian, and European vehicles. This tool is extremely helpful and will allow you to read and display the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) for identification of errors and required repairs. Once you have completed the services, this tool can also be used to turn off the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), otherwise known as the Check Engine Light. It also erases the DTC trouble codes and resets the vehicle’s OBDII system. For ease of use, this model also comes with a user manual that is up-to-date with the most current codes.

FREE and Low-Cost Services

In addition to providing our customers with local supply and services for brand name auto parts, tools, and accessories, LaCava Fall River auto supply also offers a few free and low-cost services to help you save even more. We provide free battery testing at absolutely no cost to you. Bring in your car battery, and we’ll check it before you head off on a big trip, start a new commute, or prepare for a new driving season. Don’t get stuck somewhere with a dead battery – know the health of your vehicle’s battery with a quick trip to LaCava Brothers. If you purchase your new windshield wiper blades at our store, we can install them for you at no cost. This can be extremely beneficial if you have never done this before or if they fail in the rain when you are on your way to work.

Rotor turning services can help to significantly reduce the cost of your DIY brake job by reconditioning the rotors or drums, so they don’t have to be replaced. Our team of trusted mechanics can look at your existing rotors or drums to make sure they have enough life left on them for rotor turning services. If they are overly worn or past their safe use, we will be unable to provide this service. However, if this is your first time changing the pads and you didn’t allow a lot of scraping and grinding to occur before performing the repair, you could be a candidate for rotor turning services. The cost is just $16 for car rotors and $20 for truck rotors, or $12 for car drums and $14 for truck drums. Contact our team to learn more about LaCava Auto Parts and Services by calling 508-676-1951 or stop by our location on Bedford Street in Fall River.