Spring Auto Repairs and Maintenance: Auto Parts in Fall River

spring auto repairs in Fall RiverEven when you remember to perform winter car services to keep your vehicle in good running shape, the seasonal weather and driving conditions can wreak havoc on your car’s systems. It is crucial to prepare your vehicle for cold temperatures and snow, as well as slippery and dangerous driving conditions, but it is also essential to do the same in the spring when the weather begins to warm. This is a great time of year to perform your vehicle’s annual maintenance and inspections, as it can help you to spot out any small issues that require attention before they turn into more costly repairs. LaCava Auto Parts offers a wide range of automotive parts and services in Fall River, including everything you need to perform spring auto repairs and maintenance.

Check Your Tires

Whether you use snow tires in the winter or drive on all-season tires throughout the year, it is important to check your tires. Switching back to performance tires once the snow and icy weather has left the New England area can help them to last longer and will provide you with better handling on the road. If you use a year-round tire, such as summer, all-weather, or all-season varieties, make sure to have them rotated and checked for any type of damage that could hinder your driving safety.

Windshield Wiper Blades & Fluid

Now is the time to replace your worn-out wiper blades that have served you well over the winter. LaCava Auto Parts offers free installation of new blades when you purchase a set at our automotive parts and services in Fall River. If you used a winter wiper fluid, make sure to replace that with a regular wiper fluid at this time. Make sure your fluid is full and ready, as the spring showers are most certainly just around the corner.

Oil Change & Fluids Check

While oil changes are certainly not seasonal, spring auto repairs and maintenance should include your scheduled oil change and a top-off of essential fluids. Take the time to check through everything that might need to be topped off, including brake fluid and radiator fluid. After months of hard running during the winter, your vehicle needs a lot of TLC and services. Winter requires the engine to work harder, and the seasonal weather can result in condensation and moisture buildup, which can lead to increased wear. Winter car services should be performed throughout the season, but in the spring, make sure to give your vehicle the full treatment to aid in seasonal recovery.

Inspect Your Brakes

Now is also an excellent time to check out your brakes and braking system thoroughly. We use our brakes a lot differently during the winter than we do the rest of the year. Take time to check your brakes and brake pads for wear and listen closely when you drive for any squealing or grinding noises that might indicate they need to be changed. However, car maintenance experts recommend that even if you don’t hear any noises, you should bring your vehicle in for a check with a mechanic. If you do your own brake jobs at home, you can probably look at the pads and tell if it’s time to do it again.

Interior Detailing

Another area that frequently gets overlooked when it comes to spring auto repairs and maintenance is the interior of your vehicle. Just think about all of the rock salt, de-icing chemical, snow, slush, mud, and debris that has made its way into your carpeting, floor mats, and other areas of your vehicle. Don’t forget to give your trunk a once-over and switch out your winter safety gear for your spring and summer options. You won’t be needing that ice scraper and snow shovel anymore, so stow them safely in the garage for next year. Remove and wash all floor mats and liners, vacuum the interior and wipe down all consoles and the steering wheel, and give the windows a good clean while you are at it.

When you visit LaCava Auto Parts, you will notice that we have expanded our car care center to include a wide range of products and tools that you can use to keep your car in excellent condition. Whether you need spring auto repairs and maintenance or just a good exterior and interior clean, you can get everything you need at our automotive parts and services in Fall River. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 or stop by our location on Bedford Street in Fall River during store hours.