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cleaning products at LaCava BrothersYou like how a professional clean and detail your car looks and feels, but you don’t like how much it costs. The truth is that you can do it yourself if you have the time and the right tools. Never before has it been so easy to get a professional finish at home. If you want to make your car really shine, all you have to do is go to LaCava Brothers, your neighborhood car parts shop in Fall River, MA.

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Aside from the parts you can get at a car parts shop, you should also learn some techniques that will help you get the best results. A newer type of high-tech paint is used to paint cars, and it lasts longer and stays shiny than the paint that was used on older cars. In the past, cleaning your car would have taken hours and hours with rubbing solution, newspaper, and a cloth. Today, you can get the same shiny look with chemical paint cleaners, microfiber cloths, and paint-cleaning clay.

It’s important to remember, though, that you can’t just grab some chemicals and a spinning buffer at your local car supply store in Fall River and expect to get showroom-quality results. You might even hurt a lot of things if you don’t know what you can do. It is best to take your time, ask questions, watch movies online, and learn tricks that will help you do it right. Not even if the scratches go all the way through the metal, you should still take it to a pro. Even though goods today are much better than they used to be, you should still know when to get help from a professional.

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The inside of your car is where you should start when you want to clean it at home. Take a look at the knobs, the rugs, the carpet, the dash, the floor mats, and everything else inside. Even though a good cleaning can make a lot of things better, whether you do it at the car wash or in your yard with a hand cleaner, you will still want to get some nice aloe leather protectant and restoration products when you go to LaCava Brothers.

After you clean everything, you need to keep it safe from the sun, so it’s good to be ready. Here are some tips for cleaning certain parts of your home, such as using leather conditioners on the seats and any panels or accents that are made of leather. To get dirt off of rugs and furniture, use a stiff scrub brush. You can blow out your floor mats with compressed air to get rid of all the dirt, dust, and crumbs that are hard to reach and won’t come up with a cleaner.

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Do you know why a brand-new car smells that way? It’s because it hasn’t been abused and badly cleaned for months or years. This is where musty smells come from in a car: the air system. According to the maker, you should change your car air filter at least twice a year, but no more than that. Come into our Fall River, MA car parts store if you’re not sure what size you need. Someone will help you find it. The owner’s instructions for your car should tell you where to find the filter and how to change it. In that case, look online for movies that are special to your car’s year, make, and model.

The next thing you need to do is clean out your car’s HVAC system really well. The inside and outside of things can be cleaned very well with compressed air. An air compressor can be used to blow out any extra dirt around the cabin air filter when you change it and clean out all the dirt and dust in the ducts. Spray aerosols or hang a small pine tree from your mirror are not good ideas. Take the time to clean your car the right way, and use the right items from Fall River’s LaCava Brothers Auto Supply to get the right cabin air filter for your car or truck.

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It’s fine to take your car to the car wash once in a while to get rid of dust and dirt from bad weather or a long trip on the highway, but it’s better to wash it by hand. As part of taking care of your car, it should be something you enjoy. When you wash your car by hand, you can look at every part of it more closely for damage, scratches, or scrapes. Never use dish soap to wash your car. Make sure you use the right goods. For some reason, most Americans just put dish soap in a bucket. This is a big mistake. Dish soap removes any coverings that protect your car, leaving it open to more damage. A good car wash product from a well-known name is always the best.

Call us at 508-676-1951 or come to LaCava Brothers Auto Supply in Fall River to see all of our car wash tools and supplies. Our well-known auto parts shop at 1262 Bedford Street has a lot of different items. Our staff can help you find the exact tools and goods you need to make your car look its best.