Free Delivery Service: Auto Parts and Accessories in Fall River

local delivery servicesCustomers from businesses, factories, and homes in the Greater Fall River, Massachusetts area can benefit from LaCava Auto Parts’ big selection of auto parts and accessories. Individual vehicle owners who enjoy doing DIY repairs, services, and maintenance can too! We have everything you need to get the job done right, whether you need to tune up your home garage or redo the whole thing at a professional garage.

If you need car parts in Fall River, MA, you should go with a store you can trust. It’s better all around when you have good items, well-known brands, and reliable customer service. People, repair shops, and pros all buy the parts we sell because they can be used for both small and large auto fixes. In fact, we deliver for free to people in the Fall River area.

Car Parts in Fall River

When you shop at LaCava Auto Parts, you can find a wide range of car parts and extras. Auto parts for important repairs are sold at our shop. We have replacement parts for air conditioners, alternators, starters, automatic transmissions, chassis parts, emissions, electrical and wiring, valve train parts, transmission parts, engine parts, and mounts. We also sell items that can be used to fix or replace water pumps, sensors, problems with fuel, and even some shocks, bushings, and springs.

You can get more usual fixes at LaCava Auto Parts in Fall River, MA. They have belts and hoses, fluids and filters, brakes, drums, rotors, and calipers, as well as other performance parts. Many of the names we sell are well known to you, like AC Delco, Delphi, Moog, Motorcraft, Monroe, Penzoil, and Wagner. We also sell parts and tools for cars made by well-known brands such as CRP, Denso, Fel-Pro, Gates, Timken, Wagner, Walker, and Wix. In case you need something that we don’t have in stock, we also have supply lists that you can use to place a unique order.

LaCava Auto Parts in Fall River

The staff at LaCava Auto Parts has been giving customers in the Greater Fall River area top-notch services and parts for more than 70 years. From the beginning, our business has been run by a family. We can help you find the parts you need to keep everything running smoothly. Professional mechanics, home mechanics, and auto body shops have all relied on the LaCava Brothers name and the tools, parts, and brands we sell at our auto parts store for many years.

Besides selling car parts and accessories, we also give business, commercial, and personal accounts to people in the area. We have a full line of both foreign and domestic parts, and our staff is ready to help you with all of your vehicle needs. Some of our services are done on-site, like fixing hydraulic lines and resurfacing brake wheels. People can also get free services from us, like having window wipers installed when they buy two from us or having their batteries checked for free.

Full Car Care Center

Our car care area has grown and now has a full line of chemicals that you can use to fix and maintain your car. Don’t miss it! Another thing we have in stock is a lot of repair tools made by Wilmar. We can get hard-to-find parts for you and ship them right to your door. Please ask about our free delivery service for people in the Fall River area.

Any good plumber will tell you that the parts you use for fixes and maintenance are important. The name brands and quality of the car parts and items we sell are very important to us, and we work hard to make sure that they are. If the parts are made quickly or not according to the manufacturer’s instructions, they won’t fit right and could hurt your car more over time. That’s why it’s important to only buy car parts in Fall River, MA from trusted stores.

Free Delivery Service for Locals

When so much depends on the safety of your car, you don’t want to trust goods that can’t do what they say they can. You can see all of the high-quality, name-brand items we sell at LaCava Auto Parts shop. Since 1942, our customers have trusted the goods and services we offer, and you can too. You can call us at 508-676-1951 or come by our store on Bedford Street in Fall River, Massachusetts, to see all of the car parts and items we have.