DIY Brake Job and Rotor Turning Services in Fall River, MA

brake job rotor turningBrake rotors wear out over time, just like most other car parts and equipment. Every time you use your brakes, your rotors get a little more worn down. Sometimes, you need to change the rotors along with the brake pads. This is especially true if you heard a scratching or grinding sound when you stopped. Rotor turning services, on the other hand, can sometimes be used to clean your rotors instead of removing them. You should have your car or truck’s brakes checked at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply and Services in Fall River, MA before you just get new ones. We can do other professional things with hydraulic lines as well.

If you need to, our car parts store has everything you need to change your brake pads and rotors. However, if the rotors are still good enough to be used, our rotor turning services can save you a lot of money. It could cost hundreds of dollars to have your rotors changed by a professional, but our experts can turn your rotors for a lot less money. Each car rotor costs $16 and each truck rotor costs $20. Each car drum costs $12 and each truck drum costs $14. That’s a huge savings right there. Visit our Fall River store on Bedford Street or give us a call to have our expert techs look at your rotors.

Brake Pads and Rotors

While you’re trying to figure out why some wheels need to be replaced after only two years and others can be polished, you might want to start with where you live. Nothing is easy in New England, not even your car, which has to be on the road in the rain, snow, wind, dirt, and dust. Researchers have found that road salt and water can really damage your brakes and wheels. Of course, the way the driver drives and stops also plays a big role, as does the quality of the brake pads. Most of the steel strands in semi-metallic brakes are broken up, which means they can wear out the rotors faster than brakes made of other materials. Ceramic and non-asbestos organic (NAO) brake pads are better for rotors because they wear down less. This means that many of these cars can get their rotors turned.

It is also important to think about how good the brakes are. Quality comes in different levels. The rotors that came with your car may have been very good, but the last time you changed them, you may have bought cheap ones, which means that rotor turning services can’t be done. When you change your rotors next time, don’t just think about how much they cost. Think about how long they will last and whether they can be turned. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask an agent at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply and Services in Fall River, MA.

Quality Services in Fall River, MA

It doesn’t matter if you come to LaCava Brothers for rotor turning, hydraulic hose services, or one of our free services, like battery testing for all customers. Our team will look at the situation and figure out what the best next step is for your vehicle. When we check your brakes, we’ll see how your rotors are doing. A good rule of thumb for rotor turning services is to look at how thick the rotors are. Some rotors can last longer than two brake pad repairs, but others can wear out much faster because they are made of a lighter material and depend on how you drive and where you live.

If your rotors aren’t thick enough to meet safety standards or are wearing out randomly, you will need to get new ones. When it breaks, the rotor needs to be able to take in and get rid of heat. They shouldn’t be there in the first place if there isn’t enough metal to do that job. You will have to replace both brakes on the car, even if only one is too old to be fixed. Getting a new set of rotors is a good idea if you want to keep the side-to-side stopping.

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If you live in Fall River, MA, and need car parts or services, go to LaCava Brothers on Bedford Street. For more than 70 years, we’ve been giving the local area high-quality services. Repairing and replacing hydraulic lines is something our team knows how to do, and we also offer rotor turning services in the South Coast area.