Everything You Need for Auto Supply and Services in Fall River

everything you need for auto care in fall riverLaCava Brothers Auto Supply & Services in Fall River, Massachusetts offers high-quality parts, accessories, tools, and services that you can trust, whether you’re starting your own auto repair business or just making some repairs at home. The LaCava Brothers name has been trusted for more than 70 years by customers, professional vehicle repair companies, and local mechanics. In the Greater Fall River region, we provide a comprehensive range of expert services, such as hydraulic hose services and rotor turning, along with a large selection of automobile components.

For both little and large repairs, our neighborhood store has a sizable selection of components. We even have everything you require, from a routine maintenance check to a whole restoration. Everything you need is available at our Fall River car repair and parts store to complete both little and major jobs. If, on the other hand, you require a specialized component or tool that we do not stock, please refer to our in-store catalogs or use our website’s Parts Lookup option, and we will promptly obtain it for you. Working with a local business that can give you all the parts, tools, accessories, and services you require right here in Fall River, Massachusetts is beneficial.

Rotor Turning and Hydraulic Hose Services

Assume you are starting from zero when creating an auto repair shop. What kind of tools and equipment would you require? To assist you see clearly beneath the hood and below the car while performing repairs, make sure you have plenty of illumination alternatives. Installing a carbon monoxide monitor, first aid pack, smoke alarm, and fire extinguisher pays dividends because safety is equally crucial. Make sure that everything is in working condition by checking the batteries twice a year. Remember to swing by LaCava Brothers to pick up a repair handbook specific to your car’s make and model if you are working on something new. Having this on hand is a good idea even if you are an experienced car repair technician.

Additionally crucial are jacks and lifts, which allow you to securely raise your car off the ground for maintenance and repairs. Depending on your particular demands and price range, you may outfit your garage with anything from a basic jack and stand set to a professional-grade lift. Tool boxes need to be locked in order for everything to stay where you placed it. Make sure your garage is securely closed and protected if it contains any kind of tools. When investing in tools, equipment, and storage solutions for your car repair shop, it helps to prepare ahead. Secondary protections on tool boxes are also quite helpful.

Everything You Need for Auto Maintenance

While certain parts are required for specialized repairs, you should have certain parts and fluids on hand for routine maintenance and small fixes. LaCava Brothers offers a large selection of fluids and components under all the main brand names. We stock a wide range of options and all the top industry brands to help you effectively maintain your vehicles.

Replaceable belts, brake pads, oil and oil filters, bulbs, fuses, and other items are affordable and simple to have in your garage. It makes sense to stock up since you know you will need them eventually. Among the liquids you’ll need the most are engine oil and antifreeze, window washing liquid, brake fluid, and fluid for power steering.

Tools, Maintenance and Repairs

A set of high-quality end wrenches and a set of standard and metric sockets are the essential equipment you’ll need to get started. Your mechanic should have pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, and even cutting instruments in his kit. To keep things functioning properly, having jumper cables and a battery charger on hand is a smart idea. Visit LaCava Brothers Auto Supply & Services in Fall River, Massachusetts to check out our tool selection. An impact wrench, a big air compressor, and any other pneumatic tool you could require are examples of useful tools.

Additionally, you could desire specialized equipment that will make your task much simpler. Visit our local Fall River automobile parts and servicing location to discover what we have to offer and what can be useful for your residential or commercial garage. All of the well-known manufacturers, such as Pennzoil, Walker, Wagner, Timken, Gates, Moog, AC Delco, Denso, and many more, are available from us. LaCava Brothers has everything you need to do the job correctly, whether you need replacement parts or tools to assist with repairs for electrical and wiring, belts and hoses, gearbox, alternators and starters, water pumps, shocks and struts, or even performance items.

Visit Our Fall River Auto Supply Store

You can rely on LaCava Brothers if you’re looking for reputable car supplies and services in Fall River, Massachusetts. For more information on parts and accessories, give us a call at 508-676-1951, or stop by our Bedford Street store to see what we have in person. Having been in business for more than 70 years, we take great satisfaction in offering our clients premium car parts and services. We have been serving the Greater Fall River region.