Take Care of Your Tools: Fall River Car Repair Tools in MA

tool care cleaningThere’s an old saying, if you take care of your tools, they’ll take care of you. It’s best to learn how to clean and take care of your car repair tools so that they last as long as possible. These steps will help keep them safe from damage like rust and make them last longer so you can use them for more home and car fixes and maintenance. You can use some tools for both home and auto fixes at home, but there are also a lot of tools that are made just for fixing cars. If you need hammers and plumbing wrenches in Fall River or the nearby area, you can get them at the hardware shop. But if you need tools, car parts, or service, you can trust LaCava Brothers Auto Supply to have what you need.

Proper Cleaning and Storage

Hand tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and others that don’t run on batteries or electricity need just as much care as car repair tools with more moving parts. A lot of these tools are thrown away or left out in the yard, where they are exposed to poisons and the weather. To keep your tools in good shape, put them back in their case or tool box after each use. Make sure to clean and dry them before putting them away if they get dirty with any kind of Fall River, MA car parts, cleaning fluids, or vehicle fluids. Even though these tools are usually very strong and made from non-corrosive materials or have anti-corrosion finishes on them, it is still important to be careful with them because they can be broken.

Always have a shop towel or rag on hand to clean your tools with after each use. This will get rid of any dirt, dust, or grease. While you’re wiping down your tools, look for any flaws or damage. Tools that have splinters in the handles, breaks in the plastic cases, or rust on the metal may need to be fixed or thrown away.

You should never use tools that need to be fixed until they are fixed. Broken tools for fixing cars can hurt people very badly. You can get good tools at low prices at LaCava Auto Parts and Service in Fall River. For tools with parts that can be adjusted, use an oil that can be used for many things. Spray some light oil on other metal tool parts too, but be careful not to get it on the handles. In this group are tools for fixing cars, as well as tools for the home and yard. Wipe off any extra oil with a rag before putting it away to help keep it from rusting. If you already see signs of rust, you can get rid of them with rust treatment tools. Clean the tools and protect them with the all-purpose oil after getting rid of the rust. Then put them away properly.

An Ounce of Prevention

One of the best ways to keep your car repair tools clean is to store them properly and keep clean when not in-use. When you go to LaCava Brothers in Fall River to buy new car repair tools, auto parts, or service, make sure you have a place to put them away. Care and cleaning are important, but you also need a good way to store things. No matter what kind of storage case you use — a tool cabinet, a tool box, a shelving unit, or something else — make sure you put it somewhere that won’t get too much moisture or temperature changes. This will help keep your tools even safer from damage and rust.

Things like dust, dirt, and grime can damage tools, but water and very high or low temperatures can be even worse. Keep tools in their original cases as much as possible, and then put those cases away in storage boxes, closets, or tool chests. This way, they’ll stay in a pretty stable environment and be easy to find when you need them. If your power tools or other complicated tools come with a guidebook, keep it handy in case you need it later. To protect your Fall River, MA car parts, tools, and extras, keep the instructions with your tools or put them all in a binder where they are easy to find.

Auto Parts and Service in Fall River

LaCava Brothers Auto Supply is the place to go if you live on the South Coast and need good car repair tools, auto parts and service in Fall River. We have everything you need to fix your car or truck, clean it, keep it in good shape, and service it. You can call us at 508-676-1951 or come by our Fall River, Massachusetts, store on Bedford Street.