Create a Car Safety Kit: Auto Supply & Services in Fall River

auto safety kit in Fall RiverWhether you are new to New England or have lived here your whole life, there are some tools you should always have in your car in case of an emergency. To help you keep your vehicles on the road and ensure safety year-round, LaCava Brothers Auto Supply & Service sells high-quality tools and auto parts. We also provide a range of fluids, cleaning chemicals, and reliable services to help keep your car in good shape. There are a lot of safety features in your car that you should check out before you go on a road trip or start another week of commuting. You might also want to consider upgrading your tool situation.

Getting Started: Get a Basic Tool Kit

You should always have a tool kit in your car with everything you need to get out of a jam, no matter what time of year it is. Of course, you may want to bring extra items during certain times of the year, but a basic set of tools should be enough to handle most issues while you’re on the road. An old proverb says, “It is better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.” This means that you might never need any of these tools.

You should have a box to store all of your tools in so that they don’t become dangerous in case of an accident. If your car has a trunk, put them in the toolbox that’s in the trunk. If you have an SUV, make sure you can lock the toolbox in the back so it can’t move around in a crash. LaCava Brothers Auto Parts in Fall River, MA has all the car parts and extras you need to keep your car in great shape. They also sell tool boxes and tool kits.

High-Quality Tools and Auto Parts

Make sure to get a good flashlight – it will be essential for any roadside emergency. Don’t buy the cheap ones on sale – invest in a quality product. Instead, look for a strong one that uses D-cell cells or an LED light that has lithium batteries. Just make sure you check the batteries often and keep an extra bulb and a spare set of cells in your tools. Along with the extra tools you keep in your backpack, an emergency tool kit that comes already put together can also be useful. You can look through different tool kits at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply & Services in Fall River, MA. These kits will come in handy!

A first aid bag is also important. It should have the basic things you need for any kind of accident, like bandages, antibiotic ointment, sanitizers, disinfectant, gauze, and pain killers. A simple kit can be bought for less than $25 most of the time. A fire extinguisher, flares, and safety symbols should round out the safety basics in your emergency kit. In case of an emergency, make sure you know how to use them well and that you check them often. Also, make sure you store them safely.

Visit LaCava Brothers Auto Parts in Fall River

The next step is to get all of the tools you’ll need to take care of your Fall River auto parts and service. You can add to your toolbox with a lot of different tools from LaCava Brothers. Make sure you have pliers, screwdrivers with more than one head and different sizes, and a flexible wrench. A pocket knife, a small ball-peen hammer, vise grips, and wire cutters would all be good to have. You can also use electrical tape, wire, extra fuses, and a roll of mechanic’s wire if you need them. A tool bag that can be folded up and put away in your emergency kit is the best way to keep everything together.

Get in touch with LaCava Brothers if you need auto parts and services in Fall River, MA, or if you just want to buy tools, auto parts, and items for your kit. In addition to high-quality tools and auto parts, we also sell cleaning fluids, can provide hard-to-find items, and offer excellent customer service. We have been serving customers and professionals in the Greater Fall River area for more than 70 years by providing them with high-quality tools, parts, fluids, extras, and services. You can call us at 508-676-1951 or come see us on Bedford Street in Fall River, MA.