Auto Supplies in Fall River: Seasonal Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle

auto supplies fall riverLaCava Auto Supply in Fall River guarantees to provide all the auto parts and accessories you might possibly need. We have all major brands, including Monroe Brakes, Delphi Fuel Pumps, AC Delco, Gates Hydraulics, Pennzoil, Motorcraft, and much more; we also service local companies and individual customers. For those who reside in Fall River, we also provide free delivery of special order and hard-to-find components. We have been serving the Greater Fall River area of Southeastern Massachusetts since 1942, and we are a family-owned and -operated business.

Our auto care services have been enlarged and are now available to you. We have everything you need to keep your vehicle clean and safe for passengers throughout this year’s cold and flu season. At our auto supply shop in Fall River, we have a wide variety of items to help you maintain your vehicle’s pristine condition. Choose cleaning supplies that are appropriate for the material you intend to clean and the outcome you seek. Products range from those used to clean and remove stains to those that shield against the sun and extreme temperatures. If you need assistance deciding which auto cleaning chemicals will work best for you, let us know.

Prevent Seasonal Flus and Illnesses

While most people are taking precautions this time of year to prevent the flu and other seasonal ailments, cleaning the inside of your automobile isn’t getting as much attention. Cleaning your vehicle is just as important as making sure that your home is tidy and germ-free. A car that has a lot of fast food wrappers, bags, and used cups, as well as the typical dirt and debris that can collect with repeated, daily use should be cleaned on a regular basis. There are different ranges of cleanliness – not every vehicle needs to be surgical room sanitized, but you should make sure you are doing everything to keep yourself and your passengers healthy.

The most handled surfaces in your car need to be cleaned every day, regardless of whether you use hand sanitizer, gloves, or a mask. You should clean the steering wheel, door handles, radio knob, touchscreen navigation, air conditioning knobs, turn signals, and gear shifter every time you use them. Even if you don’t have access to LaCava Auto Supply’s specially formulated auto cleaning chemicals, which are guaranteed to remove 99.9 percent of germs and viruses from your vehicle, you may still take steps to lessen your exposure. 70% or greater rubbing alcohol will do the task. Most dirt and bacteria may be removed with a fast spray, set, and wipe. However, it is crucial to recognize which surfaces can and cannot withstand these germ-killing cleaners.

Visit LaCava Auto Supply in Fall River

When you need auto parts, tools, or detailing supplies in the Fall River and Southeastern Massachusetts region, come to LaCava Brothers Auto Supply. Feel free to contact us at 508-676-1951 with any inquiries you may have regarding our offerings. Ask us anything; we’re happy to provide recommendations for products and services tailored to your requirements and explain the details of our Fall River-wide free delivery program. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or just want to fix up your own car, LaCava Auto Supply offers what you need to get back on the road and keep your investment safe.