Automotive Services in Fall River: Improve Safety & Performance

automotive services in Fall River at LaCava Brothers Auto SupplyWhile it’s true that learning how to do routine maintenance on your vehicle at home may save you quite a bit of money, the fact remains that not everyone is interested in or has the time for doing so. Getting an oil change at your neighborhood lube shop is a quick and cheap way to spend your Saturday morning. It’s better to have a professional or someone who has the proper tools and equipment handle any brake work. You may rely on LaCava Brothers for both minor and major auto services if you need some assistance but aren’t quite ready to dive in and do it all by yourself.

Free Customer Services at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply

You read it correctly; at LaCava Auto Supply in Fall River, we provide a few services at no cost. No matter what brand of windshield wipers you buy from us, we will install them totally free of charge. Depending on the circumstances, this may wind up saving your life. Installing high-quality windshield wipers is crucial in the event of a summer thunderstorm or a snowstorm in the winter. Your replacement windshield wipers will be professionally installed on your car, SUV, or truck, no matter the weather.

We also provide complimentary battery inspections. Just bring it in and we’ll check it out if you suspect a problem with the battery. A high-quality battery has a finite lifespan, and that lifespan may be shorter than advertised depending on how you drive. Stop by LaCava Brothers to have your battery tested before a lengthy journey or if your daily commute is 100 miles or more. We provide excellent deals on replacements if you find yourself in need. If your battery is still excellent, though, you can be assured that it will get you where you need to go.

Professional Rotor Turning

Rotor turning services in Fall River are one of the many expert services we provide to our clients. Let’s face it, most people only change their brakes when times are hard financially. If your rotors are worn, a full brake job may be out of your price range. Not all drivers know that rotors may be “turned,” or ground down to smooth out the rough spots and expose smooth metal for improved stopping power and safety. Not all rotors can be resurfaced; a certain amount of thickness must be preserved for safety reasons. However, if you’re looking to save money on your brake work and rotor replacement, it’s worth a shot.

The current prices for rotor turning services at LaCava Auto Supply in Fall River are $16.00 for car rotors and $20.00 for truck rotors. Brake drum servicing is available, as well, for $12.00 for automobiles and $14.00 for trucks. If you have any questions regarding this specialist service or would like to set up an appointment with one of our professionals, please give us a call.

Custom Hydraulic Hose Services

When hydraulics are involved, it is also common to need expert assistance. Whether you need hydraulic services for a personal or work car, industrial machinery, or something else entirely, having a reliable technician who can repair hydraulic hoses and ensure the security of your equipment is essential. If you need the best fluid conveyance solutions for your vehicle or piece of equipment, go no farther than LaCava Brothers, where we provide expert services for repairing and replacing hydraulic hoses in Fall River. Each hose we sell is constructed for high-performance uses and is available in a number of pressure and abrasion resistance ratings.

Only premium Gates hoses are installed at LaCava Auto Supply. All of your hydraulic hose servicing needs in Fall River may be met by our team, and we’re here for you seven days a week. Gates is an industry pioneer in hydraulic hoses, and we’ve chosen to partner with them since 1911. MegaCrimp couplings, used by our professionals, have corrosion resistance 500 times higher than competitive goods.

Automotive Services in Fall River

LaCava Brothers is your one-stop shop for all the parts, tools, goods, and quality services you need to properly repair your car or industrial machinery and equipment. For over seventy-five years, we’ve been giving area motorists and mechanics the best parts, service, and advice we can muster. We have every available option, both internationally and in the US. Please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team. Since 1942, the same family has owned and run the business. Come check out our freshly enlarged auto maintenance section and our extensive inventory of tools. Contact us at 508-676-1951 or visit us at our Fall River, MA shop on Bedford Street.