LaCava Auto Supply: Yes, You Can Perform Your Own Brake Job!

perform a brake job in Fall RiverIt is easier than you might think to replace brake pads and rotors on your own, which is great if you’re trying to save money or just want the bragging rights. Quality car components, equipment, materials, and services for doing a brake job at home may be found at LaCava Auto Supplies in Fall River. Saving money by repairing your automobile yourself is a terrific method to keep your vehicle safe and well-maintained all year long. Our rotor turning services are an additional way for you to save money on a brake job, in addition to our already low prices on new rotors and other brake-changing materials. Inquire with a member of our staff about our rotor turning services to see whether they are appropriate for your rotors.

Essential Tools and Parts

Get the appropriate materials before beginning. Visit our auto supply store in Fall River to find everything you need to get the job done well. The good news is that you probably already have some of these items in your home toolbox, thus lowering the amount of money you will need to invest initially to begin conducting brake jobs for yourself at home. Check out the selection of tools and auto components we have in stock at our shop in Fall River, MA. Get a good wrench and socket set, ideally with both metric and standard sizes to cover all your bases. Torque wrench, either SAE or metric depending on whether the automobile was manufactured in the United States or elsewhere; this is essential for ensuring that the caliper bolts are securely tightened and that the vehicle is safe to drive.

Get the equipment for resetting the piston in the caliper after installing new brake pads, such as a c-clamp or a brake pad installation spreader. If this is your first time working on your brakes, the c-clamp is your best bet. Torx and Allen wrenches—most caliper bolts are of the Torx and Allen kind. Find out ahead of time what kinds of auto components from Fall River, MA you’ll need to get the job done; you won’t need them if regular bolts are utilized. A brake bleeder wrench is a specialist wrench used to release any air pressure in the brake caliper’s hydraulic lines and hoses before replacing the caliper. This is done to avoid damaging the air bleed valve, which may be done with a standard wrench.

Don’t rely on the jack that comes with your car to change the tire; invest in top-rated stands to guarantee your safety when doing maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. Choose a sturdy lug wrench that can be stretched to remove problematic bolts during brake changes and other typical car maintenance safety equipment – don’t rely on the one that came with your vehicle for changing out the tires. To avoid putting chemicals on your hands or getting metal particles in your eyes, always use safety equipment like mechanics gloves, a dust mask, and safety glasses when working on your car.

Dependable Auto Services and Support

To find out what components are needed to perform a brake service on your own, see the owner’s handbook or give us a call at LaCava Auto Supplies. If you need new brake pads or rotors turned, we can assist you choose the proper size and kind for your vehicle. Get the most out of your efforts by reading the owner’s handbook or watching online repair tutorials tailored to your specific vehicle’s make, model, and year. If you have a buddy who is handy around the house and willing to help you out the first time, you might want to bring them over to show you the ropes. Having faith in one’s ability and avoiding careless blunders may both benefit from this.

Brake pad and rotor components are commonly affordable when servicing a vehicle’s braking system. A large portion of the price of these services is attributable to the manpower required to complete the task. It might cost hundreds of dollars to have it changed, but if you do it yourself, you can save a lot of money. Contrary to popular belief, changing your brakes is one of the simplest mechanical tasks you can teach yourself. Since brakes are so crucial to keeping you and your passengers safe while on the road, it’s important to take your time and do things properly. To learn more about the services and goods offered by LaCava Auto Supplies, please contact us at 508-676-1951 or visit our Fall River location.