Professional Services and Free Battery Testing in Fall River

professional auto services in Fall RiverWe at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply & Services are here to help you maintain the reliable operation of your car, whether you are an experienced mechanic or in need of basic maintenance. We go out of our way to aid our customers and provide valuable support services by giving them access to free and high-quality auto services. Our family-run business has served the Fall River area and beyond with reliable car parts and servicing for over seven decades. Professional services for car repair jobs or industrial replacements and servicing are available, and we even throw in some freebies to boot.

LaCava Auto Parts and Services

When you bring your vehicle into our Fall River repair shop, we’ll check the battery for free. Want to avoid becoming stranded in a parking lot or by the side of the road but aren’t sure how well your battery is working? Your battery may need to be replaced, but we can test it and tell you for sure. Battery life varies considerably depending on how you drive and where you keep your car. The majority of vehicles may run on the same battery for five years or more, but some may require a new battery as often as every two years. Don’t let a dead battery leave you shivering in a parking garage or retail center. Stop by our Fall River car parts and service center and take advantage of our no-cost inspections.

New windshield wipers purchased from our Fall River auto parts store come with a complimentary installation service. We’ll install your new windshield wipers in the heat, cold, rain, snow, or ice so you can drive safely. Any time you buy new windshield wipers, you can take advantage of this service. It is strongly advised that New England residents replace their wiper blades twice yearly: once in the spring to get rid of the ice, snow, and grime that accumulated over the winter, and again in the fall to get ready for the next winter. The American Automobile Association (AAA) and other organizations in the vehicle industry strongly urge that you always keep your windshield clean, clear, and free of debris.

Save Money with Rotor Turning Services

Because of the financial commitment required, many car owners put off replacing their brakes. However, an increasing number of car and truck owners are acquiring the knowledge to perform this task alone. Another technique to greatly lower the expenses for a brake job is to find out if your rotors can be spun instead of replaced. Our team of highly educated specialists can evaluate your existing car or truck rotors and car or truck drums to find out whether they can be ground down instead of having to replace them. The cost for rotor turning services is far cheaper than replacing these parts, helping to save our customers a great deal on the brake jobs they undertake on their own vehicles.

Rotor turning services are not for everyone. If your rotors or drums have been ground down too much beyond the manufacturer’s safety standards, you might still have to replace them. Car rotor turning costs $16 and truck rotor turning costs $20 if the rotors are still functional but in need of some maintenance. Drums can be changed for $12 on automobiles and $14 on trucks for those who prefer them over rotors. Many car owners choose to have their rotors turned because it is more cost-effective than buying new ones.

Professional Hydraulic Services

As part of our assistance, we also offer expert hydraulic hose services to our clients. The automobile sector makes extensive use of hydraulic systems, which may be found in a wide variety of cars, industrial machinery, tools, and more. We exclusively use Gates brand items because we know they will provide the highest quality hydraulic hoses and are a crucial component of any system. Since 1911, Gates has dominated the hydraulic hose industry with innovations like the MegaCrimp coupling, which has 500 percent greater corrosion protection than competitive products. We offer a wide range of pressure ranges, abrasion resistance, and all hoses are specially manufactured with long-lasting, high-performance applications in mind.

Essential Winter Car Services

Call our shop at 508-676-1951 for more information on the services we offer. In Fall River, we offer free installation of windshield wiper blades and battery testing, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these services. We may also make an appointment for rotor turning services and hydraulic hose services, based on your needs. Call today and see for yourself why so many local mechanics, car owners, and industry experts trust LaCava Brothers Auto Supply for all of their automotive parts and repair in Fall River and the surrounding region.