Parts, Products & Seasonal Automotive Services in Fall River

seasonal automotive services in Fall RiverIt’s a necessary skill for any New Englander to know when to begin getting their car ready for the coming fall and winter months. In Southeastern Massachusetts, winter storms can come even before the calendar declares the season, leaving drivers stranded without the right tires and equipment. If you don’t want to become a seasonal statistic, contact LaCava Auto Supply early in the season to stock up on the supplies you’ll need to complete preventative winter car services. The more you can do to get ready for terrible weather, the easier it will be to keep your family and car safe. Get the proper auto parts and accessories in Fall River, Massachusetts for your specific vehicle by checking the manufacturer, model, and year. We can also assist with free battery checks, rotor turning services, and DIY support for all your automotive projects and repairs. When you need auto parts or accessories in the Fall River, Massachusetts area, stop by LaCava Auto Supply & Services.

DIY Preventive Maintenance Services

Even though changing your oil is something you should do all year round, it is especially important now that winter is approaching because outdated oil can cause a number of issues with vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Maintain a consistent schedule of servicing as directed by the producer. Depending on the vehicle and the type of oil used, oil changes may be required every 3,000, 5,000, or even 10,000 miles. Be prepared for the winter weather by getting new oil from LaCava Auto Supply before it arrives. Always inspect and top off any other necessary fluids while you’re at it, and remember to change the oil filter every time you change your oil. This will provide you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your fall and winter care services are up-to-date no matter the season or temperature outside.

Be sure to change out all of your car’s filters, not just the oil filter, while you’re at it. For optimal performance and clean air inside the car, it’s important to routinely replace the air filter, fuel filter, PCV filter, and cabin air filter. Any disruption to the air intake could cause expensive damage to the engine. It’s common knowledge that driving around with a filthy air filter makes the engine work harder and wastes more gas. Maintain your car’s top performance by changing the oil, the filters, and monitoring all fluids at the change of seasons and at regular intervals.

Automotive Services in Fall River

We stock a wide selection of car parts and supplies in our Fall River, MA shop specifically for use during the colder months. In cold weather, a gasoline deicer can prevent the fuel line from freezing over by removing any moisture present. Prevention can also be achieved through good winter practices, such as keeping the gas tank at least half full. In New England, winter tires are preferable to all-season tires. Not only do they increase handling, but they also help you save gas throughout the winter. You can get the most out of your car all year long if you equip it with winter grade fluids like antifreeze for the radiator and freeze-resistant windshield wiper fluid. You shouldn’t put off this sort of auto repair. LaCava Auto Supply & Services in Fall River, MA carries a wide variety of winter-ready fluids and other accessories.

If your wiper blades are getting old, replace them before the first storm of the season. In the summer, wiper blades deteriorate quickly due to the sun’s heat and UV rays. Don’t forget to stop by LaCava Auto Supply to stock up on all the necessary components for your vehicle’s winter maintenance. Our staff is here to assist you in selecting the correct windshield wipers for your car if you are unsure about the specifications. Our website, as well as our physical shop, also have a helpful Parts Lookup Tool. Whether you’re doing basic maintenance or a major overhaul, this tool will help you find the appropriate size and kind of part for your car every time. To help you get ready for the upcoming season, our staff in Fall River, MA is here to answer any questions you may have regarding our auto parts and services.

Essential Winter Car Services

Before the fall and winter conditions cause any damage to your automobile, be sure to take care of any other repairs you know you’ll need to make. Nobody likes being stuck in the supermarket or the office parking lot. Replace any worn-out safety equipment and get your brakes examined by a professional. Also, have your battery tested to ensure it can hold a full charge. Every car in New England should be equipped with snow and ice tools like scrapers and shovels, as well as jumper cables, spotlights, and safety equipment. Call us at 508-676-1951 if you have any questions about LaCava Auto Supply or the products we carry.