Professional and Free Services at LaCava Brothers Fall River

services at LaCava Brothers auto supplyWe like to go above and beyond for our customers at our Fall River auto parts and services center. We have proudly served the Greater Fall River area since 1942 and our team of friendly customer service agents is able and ready to do all we can to support our customers’ needs. In addition to having a large inventory of automotive parts, products, and accessories, we also offer a variety of professional and free services at LaCava Brothers. So whether you require emergency support for hydraulic hose services, are interested in rotor turning services to reduce costs for a brake job, or want to take advantage of our free offerings, make sure to come to our auto supply store on Bedford Street in Fall River, MA.

Free Services at LaCava Brothers

Our goal is to help our customers take care of business as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can get safely back on the road. We know that you depend on your vehicle to get you to and from work and get the kids to and from school every day. Whether you are prepping for a big road trip or just staying on top of regular maintenance for your daily commute, our Fall River auto parts and services team is here to help. Whenever your purchase a set of new wiper blades at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply, we can remove your old wiper blades and install the new ones free of charge. This can be helpful for busy parents with a car full of kids on a rainy day or someone dressed nicely for work who doesn’t want to lean over the vehicle to install the blades. It is even a great benefit to new vehicle owners who might not know how to install new blades on their vehicle yet.

Another one of our free services at LaCava Brothers is free battery testing. Maintaining a proper battery is essential to vehicle performance throughout the year. We highly recommend regular testing during the change of seasons in spring – after the long winter months of strain on your battery, and again in the fall – right before winter returns to New England. Simply bring your vehicle – or your battery – to LaCava Brothers Auto Supply and we will run tests on it at no charge. We will also check for any potential mechanical or safety issues to ensure that your battery is properly charged so your engine will run smoothly. Should you need to replace your battery or perform maintenance on any of the connectors or components related to it, our Fall River auto parts and services team can help you get everything you need to get the job done right.

Professional Services at LaCava Brothers

In addition to our free services at LaCava Brothers, we also offer two professional services to support our customers’ needs. Our hydraulic hose services are available seven days a week. Quality hoses are an essential component for any vehicle of equipment system that relies on hydraulics for operation. Our custom hydraulic hoses provide the ultimate fluid conveyance system and are designed specifically to deliver long-lasting, high performance results. We can build custom hydraulic hoses in a wide range of pressure ranges, addressing all of your abrasion, chemical, and environmental resistance requirements. All of our hoses are built with high performance applications in mind and we only use Gates, which is the most trusted brand in the industry. Gates have been a leader in hydraulic hoses since 1911 and the MegaCrimp couplings that we use offer 500 percent better corrosion resistance to other couplings.

Rotor turning services are also available at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply. Our team of highly-trained and experienced specialists can inspect your rotors and drums for you to determine whether they are a candidate for this type of service. You should consider doing this service any time you are doing a brake job to ensure the best possible results. If your existing rotors and drums are in a good enough condition for rotor turning services, we can provide them for cars at $16, trucks at $20, and offer car drum services at $12 and truck drums at $14. Contact our team to schedule services or to inquire about our other Fall River auto parts and services options by calling 508-676-1951.