Seasonal Preparation: Auto Supply and Services in Fall River

seasonal auto preparations in fall riverLearning when to start preparing your vehicle for the coming fall and winter seasons is part of New England living. Winter storms can occur in Southeastern Massachusetts before the calendar officially proclaims the season, leaving drivers stranded without the proper tires and gear. Avoid becoming another seasonal statistic by making sure that you visit LaCava Auto Supply to get the tools, parts, and products you need to perform preventive winter car services before the first storm. The more you can do to prepare, the easier it will be to keep your loved ones and vehicle safe in bad weather. Make sure to get the right Fall River, MA car parts and accessories for the make, model, and type of vehicle that you own for best results. You can get a wide range of top quality, name brand parts, and products when you visit LaCava Auto Supply & Services in Fall River, MA.

Oil Changes and New Filters

Something that you need to do year-round becomes even more essential during the colder months, as old oil can cause a lot of problems for all types of vehicles. Stick with a regular maintenance schedule, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Oil changes may be necessary every 3,000, 5,000, or even 10,000 miles, depending on the vehicle and the type of oil you use. Before the bad weather hits, make sure that you start the season off with fresh oil from LaCava Auto Supply. Make sure always to change the oil filter whenever you change your oil and take time to inspect and top off any other essential fluids at the same time. This will help give you the confidence you need to know that fall and winter care services are up-to-date regardless of the weather.

In addition to oil filters, make sure to change out the other filters on your vehicle at this time. Air filters, fuel filters, PCV filters, and cabin air filters should be replaced regularly to ensure operational efficiency and clean air inside your vehicle. If the air intake is compromised in any way, it could result in costly problems for your engine. Not only will dirty air filters cause the engine to run harder, but it also increases gasoline consumption, which leads to a low fuel economy. Help your vehicle to perform at its very best by doing oil changes, replacing filters, and checking all fluids between seasons and at regular intervals throughout the year.

Winter-Specific Products

Our Fall River, MA car parts, and supply store carries a variety of items that are for sale just for winter services. A fuel deicer can reduce moisture from causing the fuel line to freeze up when the temperature drops. Good winter habits, such as making sure the tank is at least half-way full or higher throughout the season, can also work as a preventive tip. Winter tires are much better than all-season tires for people who live in New England. They offer a better grip on the roads and will help you to improve the seasonal fuel economy as well. Winter grade fluids, such as antifreeze for the radiator and freeze-resistant windshield wiper fluid, will help you to get the most out of your vehicle yar-round. You don’t want to ignore this type of vehicle maintenance. Make sure to stop by LaCava Auto Supply & Services in Fall River, MA, to see our full line-up of winter-specific products and fluids.

Make sure to also replace your old wiper blades before the first seasonal storm. Wiper blades wear out quickly in the summer months, deteriorating in the hot sunlight and high UV rays. Make sure to get the right parts for all of your winter car services at LaCava Auto Supply. If you aren’t sure what you need, our team can help you to get the best type and size of wipers for your vehicle. You can also use our handy Parts Lookup Tool, either on our website or at our store. This tool can be used to ensure that you get the right size and type of all parts that you use for your vehicle, whether you are performing routine preventive maintenance or making a significant repair or renovation. Our team can answer any questions you have about our Fall River, MA car parts and services to help you take care of the work that needs to be done to prepare for the coming season.

Safety First for Best Results

Make sure to take care of any other repairs that you know need to get done before fall and winter weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle. No one wants to get stranded at the grocery store or in the parking lot at work. It is embarrassing and downright dangerous this time of year. Get your brakes checked, have your battery checked to make sure it is taking on a full charge, and replace any safety items you keep with you for emergency use. Snow and ice scrapers, shovels, jumper cables, flashlights, and safety equipment should be in every New England vehicle. To learn more about LaCava Auto Supply and the products we sell, give us a call at 508-676-1951.