Getting the Right Car Parts at the Auto Supply in Fall River, Southeastern Mass.

right-car-partsWhen you do work on your vehicle, it is important to make sure that you get the right automotive parts and service in Fall River to ensure that everything is running as it should. You need to know a little bit about your vehicle before you come down to LaCava Brothers Auto Supply to purchase parts. Getting the wrong parts can cause all sorts of problems with the operation of your vehicle and can also cause you to have to go back and forth from the auto supply in South Mass until you get it right.

Our team can help you with all of the Fall River auto parts you need to do everything from a basic at-home maintenance repair to a complete overhaul. LaCava Brothers has been providing top quality automotive parts and services in Fall River for over 70 years and we have earned a solid reputation within the region. Even if you don’t know a lot about car repair and servicing, we can help steer you to the things you need to get the job done right.

Getting Started: Make, Model and Year

The first thing you need to know before you can do anything at all is the make, model and year of your vehicle. The make is essential because most car manufacturers have specific parts that are required for proper repairs and use. You also need to know the model because there is a huge difference between a Chevy Tahoe and a Camaro. The year is also important because most vehicles change and evolve over time, requiring different part sizes, shapes and styles in order to get a perfect fit. While there are some parts that are a “one size fits most” kind of deal, you will never find auto parts that are “one size fits all.”

BONUS TIP – If you aren’t sure about the exact vehicle that you own, you can always find out by checking the user manual that came with it when you bought it. If you don’t have a user manual, feel free to take a photo or bring your vehicle in to LaCava Brothers Fall River Auto Parts and one of our team members will take a look for you.

The More You Know – The Better!

Once you start learning a bit about your vehicle, don’t just stop at the make, model and year. If you are going to be doing any amount of work on it yourself or will be getting prices on having professional work and services done, you will probably need to know a little bit more. As you make purchases at your local automotive parts and service in Fall River, write down the names of the parts and the part numbers, if you have them. Keep them in your owner’s manual inside your glove compartment or in a folder at home. Some vehicle owners will even take a photo of the receipt or part information and keep it in a cloud storage for easy retrieval on the go.

Genuine or Generic Parts?

One question that has caused a lot of debate and discussion by vehicle owners for many years is whether or not you should invest them money to get the genuine parts from the manufacturer or if you can save money by getting generic versions of the same parts. Many of the generic manufacturers will also guarantee the quality of their parts for specific makes, models and years of different vehicles, so it’s not like there isn’t a company or support to contact if you do have an issue. When in doubt, speak with a trusted representative at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply in South Mass. Our team has been supporting local auto repair folks for over 70 years and we are happy to help direct you to the best solution for your vehicle and your budget.

It’s All in the Details

Once you start shopping for automotive parts and service in Fall River, you will quickly realize that auto parts are very specific. You need to know the make, model and year of the vehicle, plus you will also need to know the serial number, voltage and other specific details about the part itself in order to ensure a perfect fit and performance. If you get the serial number wrong, chances are really good that the part will not properly fit your vehicle. Before you order a part from LaCava Brothers or come down to make a purchase at our local Fall River auto parts store, make sure to write down the serial number or bring the part with you. Check it, check it again and then check it one more time to make sure you got it right.

Give us a call at 508-676-1951 with all of your auto repair and services related questions. We are located on Bedford Street in Fall River, Massachusetts and can help you get all of the name brand parts for your specific make, model and year of vehicle that you need. All of our team members are highly trained and experienced to give our customers the knowledgeable service that they require. Call or stop by today for quality Fall River auto parts in Southeastern Massachusetts!