Drivers in Fall River, MA – How to Know When to Install New Brake Pads

new-brake-padsOne of the most important pieces of safety equipment on your vehicle – whether car, truck, motorcycle or recreational – is your brakes. This is especially true in the northeast where the weather can quickly turn on you like the drop of a hat! Learning to identify when it’s time to install new brake pads, where to get the best quality Fall River, MA car parts and where to go for rotor turning services and other essential work, is key to safe driving and protecting your investment.

Just think about it – your brakes are responsible for stopping you in the middle of rush hour traffic, as you approach a red light or when you stop at your destination. We hardly ever think about our brakes because they don’t need to be changed all that often, but when the time comes to get them replaced or repaired, we drag our feet and wait until the last possible moment. Unfortunately, many accidents each year are caused by vehicle owners who did not properly service and care for their brakes.

Keeping Track of Vehicle Servicing
In addition to taking care of your brakes, there are other important parts on your vehicle should not be overlooked. Regular, free battery testing in Fall River, MA can be had at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply and all of the quality car parts and servicing you need can be found there as well. Neglecting your brakes and other essential mechanics of your vehicle can lead to increased costs when you do finally get them repaired or can cause you other problems over time. Learning how to pay attention to the feel, sound and performance of your vehicle can prevent you from getting into a bad situation due to neglected repairs.

Many people dread going in to get their brakes checked because they are afraid of how much it might cost. The truth is that it is very affordable to install new brake pads and if your rotors are worn and need some TLC, you might be able to get away with rotor turning services and resurfacing, if they aren’t worn out beyond repair. For the best quality Fall River, MA car parts and services that you can count on and trust, look no further than LaCava Brothers Auto Supply on Bedford Street. With over 70 years of experience providing quality parts and services to the Greater Fall River area, there’s no place better than LaCava Brothers!

Squeaky Brakes: Getting Your Attention
Most car owners know that horrible, awful sound of squeaking, scraping or squealing brakes that tell you immediately that your brakes need to be serviced. Did you know that the companies that make brake pads put in a special indicator to help you know when it’s time to install new brake pads? They put a tiny piece of metal on the pad that is known in the business as an “indicator.” As the brake pad material wears down over time and gets to the point where there is less than a quarter of an inch left, the rotors touch the metal piece and make that horrible scraping noise that lets us know it’s time to go get the brakes checked.

In most cases, you have about 30 days from the time you first hear the squeak or squeal of your brakes to get your brakes checked. While you might need rotor turning services and other Fall River, MA car parts to properly repair and install new brake pads on your vehicle, you can get it all locally at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply. In some instances, that tiny metal piece will rust and fall off before the brakes get down to the quarter of an inch low level. In that case, you might begin to notice that your brakes need attention in other ways.

Signs of brake wear and tear that should cause you to get them checked include:

  • grinding noises when your vehicle comes to a stop
  • loud, very high pitched squealing
  • any feeling of vibration in the steering wheel when you are stopping
  • feeling as though you are having to push the brake pedal in further to stop
  • longer braking distances required to come to a complete stop
  • weakened performance on the emergency brake
  • any kind of bad or burning smell after you come to a hard or quick stop
  • not being able to stop your vehicle
  • feeling as though the vehicle is pulling to the right or left when put on the brake

Call or Stop By for Fall River, MA Car Parts
If you think that it’s time to install new brake pads or if you have been told that you need rotor turning services, check out LaCava Brothers Auto Supply in Fall River. We offer a wide variety of car parts, services and even do free battery testing in Fall River for our customers. If it is taking you longer to stop your vehicle than it used to or if you have any indication that repair or replacement might be warranted, give us a call at 508-676-1951 or stop by our local on Bedford Street.