Professional Rotor Turning Services: Resurfacing vs Replacing

rotor-turning-servicesWhen you purchase and install brand new brake pads for your vehicle, it is important to also check on the condition of your brake rotors. If your rotors are scored, uneven or have become hollowed, it could eventually lead to a total brake loss. You can prevent this from happening by having your rotors turned or resurfaced before you purchase new brake pads. By receiving professional rotor turning services from a service provider that you trust, you can be assured that your brakes will be working at their very best when you need them most.

What’s Best for Your Vehicle?
When you bring your vehicle to LaCava Brothers automotive parts and service in Fall River, we will take a look at the condition of the rotors. If this is your very first brake job, we might not even need to do anything to the rotors. This can be easily checked, looking for wear and grooving from regular use. However, higher mileage vehicles that have roots that are worn, heat checked or grooved will require rotor turning services or replacements before you can install new brake pads.

You can even check them yourself to see if you should inquire about rotor turning services. If you are able to feel the grooves in the rotors with your fingernail, chances are that your rotor is too worn and is in need or resurfacing or replacing before you install new brake pads. It is important to bring your vehicle to an experienced Fall River, MA car parts and service shop like LaCava Brothers to determine whether it can be resurfaced or if it requires replacing. Your brakes are definitely something that should never be left to chance or someone’s best guess.

When Rotor Turning Services Cannot Be Done
There are situations when resurfacing is no longer and option and the rotors must be replaced. The good news is that you can get a good deal on the automotive parts and service in Fall River that you require when you purchase the best brake pads for the specific make, model and year of your vehicle at LaCava auto parts. Rotor turning services cannot be done if the rotor is worn down beyond the minimum specifications. A professional service provider will measure the thickness with a micrometer to ensure that the resurfacing can be done without exceeding the discard thickness.

To find out what the minimum thickness is for your rotors, you can usually see the specifications stamped or cast into the rotor. You can also find this information in various brake repair manuals. This is a very important factor that should never be ignored. It allows for a certain amount of wear and tear on your original or current brake rotors, also allowing for rotor turning services to repair or resurface the rotors for extended use, while still maintaining a strict level of safety for the service life of the parts. Rotors that have worn down and become too thin are dangerous because they are more vulnerable to cracking and failure when they are used.

BONUS TIP – When you replace your rotors, make sure to do them in pairs. It is important to keep the wear the same on both your right and left brakes. It is possible to replace a bad rotor individually, if you have no other option, but it is important to get the other one replaced as soon as possible by a professional to ensure that there aren’t any future issues as a result. LaCava Brothers can help you with your rotor turning services, advise you on whether or not it’s time to replace your brake rotors and can even help you choose the best products to install new brake pads when you are ready.

Automotive Parts and Service in Fall River
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