Everything You Need for Auto Repair Right Here in Fall River

Everything You Need for Auto Repair Right Here in Fall River

auto repair parts in fall riverWith gas prices the way they are today, your best bet is to stay on top of basic vehicle maintenance to ensure that your car or truck is running as efficiently as possible. From regular oil changes to tire pressure checks, there are a lot of things that you can do to maximize your fuel economy. The best place to go for all the parts, products, tools, and equipment you need to get the job done right is LaCava Auto Parts and Services. We have proudly served the Greater Fall River area for more than 8o years. Family owned and operated – right from the start. We sell to individual consumers and professional mechanics, working hard to be the best local car parts supply with the best customer service and support. Stop by our auto parts store in Fall River and see our large stock of parts for both foreign and domestic vehicles.

Automotive Parts and Service in Fall River

Whether you are a certified and seasoned mechanic, or if you are just working on your first oil change, you can count on LaCava Auto Parts and Services to have everything you need for automotive repair. We carry a large stock of parts, products, and components, as well as feature a large vehicle care center with all of the chemicals, accessories, and items you could ever need to get your car in tip-top shape. All the oils, fluids, filters, and safety gear can also be found at our auto parts store in Fall River. If we don’t have an item that you need in-stock, you can also use our Parts Lookup Tool, either online or in-store, and we can order them for you. If you live or work in Fall River, we can even deliver the parts to you directly at no added charge.

Since 1942, the LaCava Brothers name has been synonymous with great value and friendly service. Our team members are here to help you get everything you need from our local car parts supply so you can get your vehicle back on the road and operating at its very best. We have the parts you need for every job, including A/C replacement parts, alternators and starters, engine parts and mounts, chassis parts, fuel related issues parts, water pumps, sensors, and we even sell performance parts. We work with all the top brands in the business, including AC Delco, Motorcraft, Interstate, and Moog, just to name a few. LaCava Auto Parts and Services is where the pros buy all their parts. Our large inventory of foreign and domestic vehicle parts can help you get the work done without delay.

What Can You Do to Improve Fuel Economy?

This is the million dollar question on every car owner’s mind right now. The first thing you can do is to perform the scheduled oil changes according to the manufacturer’s recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual. Studies show that proper oil changes can impact fuel economy significantly. Make sure you are also using the suggested grade of motor oil. Not using the proper grade can reduce fuel economy by as much as 1-2 percentage points. Choose an oil that contains friction-reducing additives, such as products labeled “resource conserving” on the bottle, as well as synthetic oils, which are designed to boost fuel economy in light-duty vehicles.

Regular engine tune-ups can be beneficial as well. A tune-up will ensure that your vehicle is running efficiently. Studies show that neglecting a tune-up or having a vehicle that fails an emissions test can reduce fuel economy by as much as 4-5 percent. Proper tire inflation also has a lot to do with fuel economy and vehicle safety. The experts say that every decrease in pressure by one pound per square inch for four tires from the manufacturer’s recommended inflation specifications can decrease your fuel economy by .2 percent. Simply staying on top of tire inflation can improve fuel economy anywhere between .6 and 3 percent, depending on the pressure in your tires.

Get all the tools you need to stay on top of tire pressure, oil changes, tune-ups and more at LaCava Auto Parts and Services. Stop by our store for automotive parts and service in Fall River or give us a call directly at 508-676-1951. Located in Bedford Street, our friendly team of sales agents are here are ready to assist you with all of your local car parts supply needs.

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