Best Tips for Cleaning and Storing Winter Tires in Fall River

Best Tips for Cleaning and Storing Winter Tires in Fall River

storing winter tires in Fall RiverWhile not everyone uses winter tires, many people in the New England area rely on them each year to get them through the snow, ice, and slush of the season. Even though they are only used for a few months, your winter tires require some extra care to ensure you get the best return on your investment. Improper storage can significantly reduce the value of your tires, meaning that you might have to replace them again in the fall to prepare for winter weather. Learn all you can about storing winter tires in Fall River and get all of the parts and tools you need at LaCava Auto Supply. Our goal is to help our neighbors keep their vehicles up and running safely. We offer free battery testing in Fall River and have a lot of great options for you to use to get all of the Fall River auto parts and services you need.

Step One: Clean the Tires

When you remove your winter tires, the first thing you should do is clean them. This is true with your summer tires, as well. Use a tire brush, approved soap, and clean water to remove any dirt, grime, brake dust, and de-icing chemical residue that might be lurking. While general dirt and dust might appear harmless, it has the ability to be extremely corrosive to your tires. Take this opportunity to thoroughly inspect the tires, checking for signs of wear and tear. Look for things like uneven tread wear, which might indicate the need for an alignment, as well as any cracks, bulges, or bubbles.

Step Two: Provide Clean Storage Space

Don’t just pile your tires up in the garage on the concrete or stow them in an overhead storage rack. Never store tires outdoors or in an area where the temperature changes throughout the day, such as an area that gets hot with the sun’s heat. Even if you use a cover, outdoor storage of winter tires can cause them to wear down and become damaged during the off-season. The best place for storing winter tires in Fall River is indoors. A climate-controlled garage, workshop, or basement – someplace that will be cool and dry. Temperature and humidity are the two most significant issues for tires. However, make sure the tires are not kept near a motor of any kind, such as a water heater, furnace, or sump pump, as these motors produce ozone, which can be highly damaging to the tires.

Step Three: Get a Good Set of Covers

Another essential part of storing winter tires in Fall River is figuring out how to stack and cover them. Storage bags are available for winter tires and range between $8-50 each, depending on the type of material and quality that is used. Do not store all four tires together under a tarp or in a large bag but keep each tire in its own wrapping for sealed and airtight protection. If you can’t find anything that will work for your tires, consider getting the extra-large yard garbage bags from your local home improvement center. If you can remove as much air as possible from the bags with a vacuum cleaner or shop vac before sealing the bag – even better.

Step Four: Stack Them for the Season

The next step is to figure out how you are going to place them. While you can purchase a tire rack that will keep them in the best possible position during storage, you can stack the tires on top of each other. If your tires do not have rims, you can lay them flat and stack them on top of each other. However, if there are rims, your best bet is to place the tires next to each other vertically instead of stacking. Either way, be sure to rotate the tires every three to four weeks. This will help to reduce the pressure being put on one spot – either the tire itself or the rim – for too long.

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