Top Car Detailing Products in Fall River at LaCava Auto Parts

Top Car Detailing Products in Fall River at LaCava Auto Parts

car detailing products in Fall RiverSimply washing your car – even in your own driveway with quality products – is not the same as detailing it. Detailing is just as it sounds: taking care of all the tiny little details that you might not even notice, but that can matter significantly in the appearance and performance of your car. LaCava Auto Parts and Services offers a wide range of car detailing products in Fall River in addition to all of the parts, products, fluids, and tools that we carry at our Southeastern Massachusetts store. We have a newly expanded Car Care Department that has all of the car detailing and cleaning products and tools that you could ever need to keep your vehicle in showroom condition.

Car Detailing Supply List

If you are ready to take on the challenge of detailing your vehicle, you’re going to need to make a shopping list of products and tools to help you achieve your goals. While it might sound like a lot of things to get at first, once you invest in them, it will all pay off after one or two complete detailing efforts compared to what you would pay for professional services. However, in order to make it pay off, you’ve got to be committed to getting the job done right. Our auto supply and services in Fall River, MA, can help you by providing a comprehensive list of detailing and cleaning products, tools, supplies, and equipment to help you get professional results.

Cleaning Products – Quality car wash and wax products for the exterior, including specialty items for tires, rims, and trim. Interior cleaning products, including a general cleaning fluid that is safe for the materials used inside your vehicle, glass cleaner, and upholstery shampoo.

Cleaning Tools – Specialized tools will also be needed, including microfiber towels, brushes, scrubbers, and mechanic’s towels, which are super absorbent, lint-free, and designed for use inside and out of vehicles. Buckets and vacuums, mechanical polishers, waxing sponges, and other detailing supplies may also be necessary, depending on how deep you want to go with your cleaning and the unique needs of your vehicle.

Protectant Products – In addition to cleaning the vehicle, you will also want to polish, seal, and protect. Products designed specifically for vehicle interiors include the Meguiar’s brand and Armor-All brand sprays and solutions. Additional products, such as headlight restoration kits, can be used to brighten yellowed headlights and improve visibility. Follow up glass cleaner with exterior glass protectant to wick away moisture and keep your windows clear.

Specialized Products – You will also find specialized products at LaCava Auto Parts and Services that you can use to keep the interior and exterior of your vehicle looking its best. Products designed to work with multi-surface vehicles or specific interiors, including leather, wood, plastic, and vinyl, should also be considered. Clay bars, special cloths, accessories for buffing, and much more can all be used, but only if you take the time to learn how to use them properly to prevent damage to your vehicle.

Create a Plan of Action

Before you start to work on detailing your vehicle or even shop for products at our Fall River, MA car parts store, make sure to have a plan of action. Consult the owner’s manual for any manufacturer recommendations, watch online videos for tips and tricks that will make it easier, and read reviews about car detailing products in Fall River. You can also speak with our team at LaCava Auto Parts and Services to get sound advice from the experts. Start with a pre-rinse, wash the wheels, wash the car, rinse the vehicle, thoroughly dry it, use the clay bar, and wax the exterior. Then you can start on detailing the inside with products and tools purchased at our auto supply and services in Fall River, MA. Don’t forget to focus on the floor mats, carpet, and glass. Take the time to apply a deodorizer to get that new-car smell or add a custom scent as a finishing touch. Visit our location on Bedford Street in Fall River or call our team directly at 508-676-1951 to get more information about the parts, products, tools, and services available at LaCava Auto Supply.

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