Best Automotive Products for Exterior Car Care in Fall River

Best Automotive Products for Exterior Car Care in Fall River

exterior car care in fall river, MAKeeping the outside of your car looking good is another essential part of vehicle ownership. Not only do you need to keep up with maintenance, servicing, and repairs, but you should also take time to wash your car or truck and use the right tools to keep it looking new. When you visit LaCava Auto Parts and Services, you might be surprised to see all of the tools, products, and supplies available in our exterior car care center. In addition to all of the other automotive products, replacement parts, and tools that we sell, many customers come in to get quality items to use when cleaning and protecting the outside of their vehicle. While you could visit a local car wash to get all of the dust, dirt, and debris off your car, it pays to spend time working on it yourself to give it a proper clean and detailing.

Buckets and Sponges

The tools that you will use most when washing your car include buckets and sponges. While you might think that a regular bucket that you use for other types of household cleaning will do, it pays to have a special bucket that is just for cleaning your vehicle. There are buckets now available that are designed to trap dirt and grit from being put back onto your vehicle. When it comes to sponges or mitts, be sure to select something that won’t scratch or cause other damage to your car or truck. Choose a product that is made from microfiber or sheepskin. These products will do a better job, and they are also much easier to wash and keep clean for future use.

Car Wash Products

Do not be tempted to use dishwashing soap to clean your car. It is not designed for this purpose. It is much better to purchase actual car washing products to protect the wax and protective sealant on your vehicle’s surface. Car wash soaps are formulated for use on modern paint finishes and clear coats. There are many options available at our Fall River auto parts and services store to choose from for your vehicle. You will notice many different price ranges and see many different brands that you already know. However, determining which soap is best for your car can depend on several factors, including the type of cleaning you want to do. There are soaps designed for general cleaning, wash and was, and stripping.

  • Regular Car Soaps – Use for weekly or monthly washing. They are designed not to strip away any wax or protectant.
  • Wash & Wax Soaps – Use for maintaining wax protection without having to fully detail your vehicle until you are ready.
  • Stripping Soaps – Designed to remove wax or protectant from your vehicle so you can polish scratches or apply a new coat of wax.

Drying Your Vehicle

There are a few schools of thought about the best methods to use for drying your vehicle after washing. While many people prefer to use towels, others swear by leaf blowers as a time-saving way to eliminate drops that might leave behind residue. Towels explicitly made for drying vehicles have changed a lot over the years. It is essential to invest in quality towels to prevent fibers from making their way onto your car or to ensure you protect the paint job and clear coat from damage. Once again, microfiber is highly recommended, but you should have a variety of types for the different parts of your car. Highly absorbent towels, such as shammies or specialty microfiber, are great to have on hand. Other towels for detailing should be purchased as well to protect sensitive parts.

Detailing Products

In addition to all of these exterior car care products, you will also want to invest in good detailing products, a powerful car vacuum, interior detailing products, and car window cleaners. Whatever you need when it comes to automotive products, you can find it at LaCava Auto Parts and Services in Fall River, Massachusetts. Our family-owned and operated automotive store can help you find everything you need to keep your car looking and running great inside and out. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 or visit our location on Bedford Street in Fall River.

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