Quality Parts and Services at LaCava Brothers in Fall River

Quality Parts and Services at LaCava Brothers in Fall River

fall river auto parts storeOwning a vehicle offers many conveniences and benefits. Whether you use your car or truck to make a daily commute to work, run local errands, or take seasonal trips and vacations, it is in your best interest to stay on top of required maintenance and repairs. All vehicles require routine services, so it is a good idea to know where to go in the Greater Fall River area that will have all of the parts, products, tools, and services you need. Oil changes, belt or hose replacements, tire rotations, and seasonal tire changes can all be done at home in your own garage. LaCava Brothers stock a wide range of both foreign and domestic parts at our local auto supply store. We also offer professional services for hydraulic hoses, rotor turning services for brake jobs, and free service options to our customers.

Why Quality Parts and Services Matter

At LaCava Brothers, we know that our customers count on us to provide them with quality parts and services to help keep their vehicle operating safely and efficiently. From tune-ups to overhauls, we have the replacement parts for every type of job. Alternators and starters, automatic transmission parts, chassis, A/C parts, and everything you might need to maintain brakes, electrical, transmission, and fuel-related issues. We also carry water pumps, sensors, valvetrain parts, emissions, belts, hoses, and much more. Some of the top brands that we feature in our store include AC Delco, Walker, Monroe, Gates, Denso, CRP, Moog, Walker, Delphi, Fel-Pro, Wix, Wagner, Pennzoil, Motorcraft, and Timken, just to name a few. If you need something that we do not carry, we can do a special order with our supplier catalogs and even have the parts delivered to customers in the Fall River area.

Whenever you perform maintenance, services, and repairs on your vehicle, it is essential to ensure that quality manufacturers make the parts, products, and accessories you use. Whether that means Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts or top name-brand replacements, it is crucial to get the right parts for your vehicle that will deliver the level of performance, safety, and effectiveness that is required for operation. This is not the time to “go cheap” or get a “white label replacement” part that was not explicitly designed for your needs. The parts must be made from high-quality materials, fit correctly on your vehicle, and should be made by a company that has a solid reputation in the automotive industry. For auto repair and services with the best quality parts and products, make sure to visit LaCava Brothers Auto Supply & Services in Fall River.

Enhanced Services for Best Results

While many of our customers perform do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs in their own home garage or driveway, we offer a couple of professional services designed to support their efforts. Hydraulic hose services, utilizing industry-leader parts from Gates, can help our customers who use hydraulics for personal, commercial, and industrial machines and vehicles. Our many years of experience working with hydraulic hose replacement can help you to ensure safe and reliable results. Our hydraulics services are available seven days a week to best meet the needs of our customers. We rely on Gates products, as they have earned a solid reputation for quality since 1911. Our technicians recommend the MegaCrimp couplings, which offer 500 percent better corrosion resistance than similar products made by other manufacturers. We offer a wide range of pressure ranges, abrasion resistance, and long-lasting, high-performance products for any application type.

In addition to hydraulic hoses, we also offer rotor turning services. This optional step can be used to reduce costs for brake jobs, eliminating the need to also replace the rotors or drums on your vehicle. Our team can evaluate your existing rotors to determine whether they can be turned and saved to extend their use. Our highly trained team of rotor specialists can offer peace of mind and considerable cost savings the next time you do a brake job. If the rotors are within the safe limits, as recommended and required by the manufacturer, we may be able to offer rotor or drum turning services for your car or truck. If you would like to learn more about our rotor turning services, hydraulic services, or our free service options for battery testing and wiper blade installation, contact our team by calling 508-676-1951. We can answer any questions you might have or assist you in placing an order for parts based on the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

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