Trusted Automotive Parts and Service in Fall River at LaCava

Trusted Automotive Parts and Service in Fall River at LaCava

Whether you are handy with auto repairs or just need essential services performed, you can count on our friendly team at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply & Services to provide you with the services and support you need to keep your vehicle running safely and effectively. To help our customers and provide beneficial support services, we go above and beyond to offer free and professional automotive services. For more than 70 years, our family-owned and operated business has strived to deliver trusted automotive parts and service in Fall River and the surrounding area. Our free services are provided to ensure that our customers get reliable support in times of need, and our professional services can in automotive repair projects or industrial replacements and servicing.

Free Customer Services

If you come to our auto shop and service center, we can offer free battery testing in Fall River. Not sure how well your battery is working, but want to make sure you don’t get stuck in a parking lot or alongside the road? We can test your battery and let you know whether it needs to be replaced. Depending on the type of driving you do and where you store your vehicle, battery life can vary widely. Some car owners report being able to use the same battery for five years or more without any difficulties, while others might need to change theirs out every two years or less. Don’t get stuck in a cold shopping mall parking lot or the parking garage at work with a dead battery. Come to our auto parts and service in Fall River to take advantage of our FREE testing services.

Customers who purchase brand new windshield wipers in our Fall River auto parts store can get a FREE installation on-site. We will go out in the sun, rain, snow, or ice and install your new windshield wipers on your vehicle so you can be on your way. Take advantage of this service whenever you purchase a brand new set of wipers. In the New England area, it is highly recommended that you switch out your wiper blades in the spring to replace them after all the winter temperatures, snow, and ice, and then again in the fall, so you have fresh blades for the next winter. Keeping your windshield clean, clear, and free of debris is just one of many safety tips that are highly recommended by AAA and other auto industry safety experts.

Rotor Turning Services

Many vehicle owners put off doing a brake job because of the high cost associated with this type of service. However, more and more car and truck owners are learning how to do this job themselves. Another way to significantly reduce the costs for a brake job is to find out if your rotors can be turned instead of replaced. Our team of highly trained specialists can examine your existing car or truck rotors and car or truck drums to find out if they can be ground down instead of having to replace them. The cost for rotor turning services is much less than replacing these parts, helping to save our customers a great deal on the brake jobs they perform on their own vehicles.

Rotor turning services are not for everyone. If your rotors or drums have been ground down too far beyond the manufacturer’s safety recommendations, you might still have to replace them. However, if they are still in good shape but require just a bit of maintenance, you can get your car rotors turned for just $16, and your truck rotors turned for just $20. For vehicles that have drums instead of rotors, drums can be done for $12 on cars and $14 on trucks. When you compare the cost of this service to replacing these parts outright, you can see why many vehicle owners opt to use rotor turning services.

Hydraulic Hose Services

Another way that we help our customers is to provide professional hydraulic hose services. Hydraulic systems are used widely in the automotive industry in a number of ways for vehicles, industrial equipment, tools, and more. Quality hydraulic hoses are an essential part of any system, which is why we only work with Gates brand products. Gates have been a leader in hydraulic hoses since 1911, and their MegaCrimp couplings offer 500 percent better corrosion resistance than other leading manufacturers. We offer a wide range of pressure ranges, abrasion resistance, and all hoses are custom built with long-lasting, high-performance applications in mind.

Contact LaCava Brothers Auto Supply

If you are interested in learning more about any of the services we provide, contact our store directly by calling 508-676-1951. We can answer any questions you might have about our free windshield wiper blade installation or free battery testing in Fall River. We can also schedule an appointment for rotor turning services and hydraulic hose services, based on your needs. Call today and see for yourself why so many local mechanics, car owners, and industry professionals trust LaCava Brothers Auto Supply for all of their automotive parts and service in Fall River and the surrounding area.

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