Maintenance Saves Money: LaCava Auto Parts Store Fall River

Maintenance Saves Money: LaCava Auto Parts Store Fall River

preventive auto maintenance Fall RiverPreventive services can really help your vehicle to perform more effectively and efficiently, increasing the overall life of your car or truck. Learning how to do the manufacturer recommended services yourself can help to save money and ensure that the work gets done in a timely manner. Oil changes, replacement filters, and other fluid exchanges are simple projects that can be done on the weekend in your home garage. Knowing where to get automotive parts and service in Fall River is half the battle. LaCava Auto Parts Store in Fall River offers a wide selection of car parts and accessories, tools and equipment, and other opportunities, such as free battery testing in Fall River, for our customers. You can count on our team to get you the products you need to help keep your vehicle running safely for many years to come.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist

It is essential to always consult the owner’s manual for your vehicle to determine the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for maintenance that are specific to your vehicle. That being said, many of the common services are performed across the board as a standard for most modern cars and trucks. The information provided here is GENERAL in nature, so make sure to take some time to read your owner’s manual to ensure that you have the right car parts and accessories, as well as a timetable for performing these essential tasks.

Monthly – check the fluid levels and general condition of the vehicle, including tire safety and inflation; this will increase the longevity of the vehicle and help you to spot out any small issues before they become big and potentially dangerous problems

  • brake fluid – typically located under the hood near where the brake sits on the opposite wall; frequently marked with a fill-line for easy checking; fluid can be easily added to the reservoir, as needed
  • engine coolant – also known as antifreeze, the coolant looks very similar to the brake fluid and also features a fill-line for easy checking; located near the front of the car, fluid can be easily added, as needed
  • engine oil – depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle, you might be checking the oil frequently for slow leaks; locate the dipstick, pull it out, wipe it clean, then put it back in all the way to check the level; add engine oil, as needed
  • windshield washer fluid – essential year-round for Massachusetts drivers, while this is not as problematic as low oil, brake fluid or engine coolant, you should check and fill this regularly as part of your routine
  • wiper blades – whenever you check the fluid, check the blades; inspect for damage or debris that might impact their ability to keep your windows clean; replace twice a year in the spring and again in the fall for safety
  • lights and tires – as part of your monthly inspection, check to make sure that all lights and turn signals are working properly and that everything is clean and visible; tire pressure and the condition of tires should be checked as well

Every 3 Months – the standard is three months or three to five thousand miles, however, many newer vehicles provide car and truck owners with five to ten thousand miles, depending on the oil products and services that they use; in addition to the monthly check above, the following automotive parts and service in Fall River should be provided:

  • change engine oil – all car parts and accessories at LaCava Brothers
  • replace engine oil filter – available at our auto parts store in Fall River
  • check transmission fluid – similar to the oil dipstick instructions
  • inspect battery and cables – we offer free battery testing in Fall River
  • check power steering fluid – should be clearly labeled and checked with a dipstick
  • inspect fan belt – look for small holes, bumps, and tears
  • check all hoses for cracks – always check when you inspect the fan belt

Once a Year – some of the services required should be performed annually; you can do them yourself or take your vehicle to the dealership or a trusted Fall River mechanic as a once-a-year performance check for peace of mind; the services that are generally needed annually are listed below and the car parts and accessories needed can be found at LaCava Auto Parts Store in Fall River:

  • change cabin air filter
  • check and change the engine air filter
  • inspect brakes and wheel bearings
  • flush and refill the engine coolant
  • inspect the steering and suspension
  • lubricate all doors and hood hinges

Automotive Parts and Service in Fall River

You can trust LaCava Brothers to provide you with all of the car parts and accessories you need to keep your vehicle in safe and effective working order. Our auto parts store in Fall River also offers several valuable services, including rotor turning, hydraulic hose replacement, free wiper blade replacement with purchase, and free battery testing in Fall River. Since 1942, LaCava Auto Supply has proudly served individual vehicle owners and professional mechanics in the Greater Fall River area, offering a wide range of automotive parts and service in Fall River. You can contact our team directly by calling 508-676-1951 or stop by our location on Bedford Street in Fall River, Massachusetts.

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