Fall River Auto Supply Store: Engine Noises You Can’t Ignore

Fall River Auto Supply Store: Engine Noises You Can’t Ignore

Fall River Auto SupplyThe make, model, and year of your vehicle will greatly influence the type and timetable of preventive maintenance and repairs that must be performed for safety and efficiency. However, regardless of the age or kind of vehicle that you own, there are certain engine noises that should not be ignored. Whether you have a complete set of mechanic tools and equipment in your home garage or if you are just building your supplies at LaCava Auto Parts, many of these common issues can be checked out without requiring a lot of experience. Whenever you are in doubt, make sure to contact the local dealership or a reputable mechanic. If you are confident in your repair skills, you can always get everything you need in the way of parts, products, and tools at our Fall River auto supply store.

Most vehicles make some strange sounds on a regular basis. The more you drive your vehicle, the more likely you will be to recognize the regular sounds that don’t require immediate attention. This will also help you to immediately recognize unusual noises that require services to be performed, such as squealing, grinding, hissing, thumping, and clicking. As soon as you notice these sounds, take the time to perform an inspection, or bring your vehicle in for a professional check-up right away. LaCava Auto Supply in Fall River can assist with some services, provide parts and tools for others, and even order hard-to-find parts that can be shipped directly to your home or delivered to customers in the immediate Fall River area.

Squealing Sounds – The most common issue associated with a squealing sound comes from the vehicle’s braking system. You might need to replace the brake pads or, if there is also a grinding sound that occurs when you press on the brakes, it might be time to replace the rotors as well. You can easily inspect the quality of the brake pads and check the rotors for damage by lifting your vehicle and removing the tires. If you are not confident in your brake DIY skills, this is a common service performed by many local mechanics and repair shops in the Greater Fall River area.

Hissing Sounds – While there could be a couple of issues related to a hissing sound, it will depend on when you hear it that matters the most. Some hissing is accompanied by a knocking sound coming from the engine, which could indicate issues with combustion. If you hear a knocking that is followed by hissing, popping, or squeezing noises when you press the gas pedal, it could be combustion related. Again, if you are not familiar with how this component of your engine works, you might want to take it to a trusted mechanic.

Thumping or Tapping Sounds – When this sound occurs in the engine, it will likely be related to the valvetrain. Some vehicle owners identify it as a “knocking and pinging” sound. Low oil levels, an overdue oil change, and other mechanical issues should be checked and performed as needed. Sometimes a more involved repair could be required, such as a new oil pump. LaCava Auto Parts carries a wide range of parts, products, fluids, and tools that can be used to perform these types of services and replacements.

Clicking Sounds – When you turn the ignition, and the vehicle does not start, but you hear a clicking noise instead, it might mean that you have a dead battery or an issue with the starter. Our Fall River auto supply store offers free battery testing for customers, which can help you to rule out one common issue. If the battery is in good condition, you might need to check the wiring of the starter or replace the starter. We carry mechanic tools and equipment, along with a wide selection of replacement parts at our Fall River shop.

Noises When Turning – If you hear squealing, whining, or creaking when you make a turn, this could indicate an issue with the steering and suspension of the vehicle. This is one of the more complex components of any vehicle, so if you do not have experience identifying issues like this, you will want to bring it to a mechanic. A comprehensive system check can help to rule out potential issues so you can identify and focus on what is really going on and make repairs.

LaCava Auto Supply in Fall River

Vehicle noises can mean lots of different things. While some are very small and do not indicate the need for urgent repairs, others are quite serious. Whenever you are not sure about a sound that you are hearing, bring your vehicle to a mechanic. If you are confident that the noises indicate a specific type of maintenance or repair to be performed, you can count on our Fall River auto supply store to have the mechanic tools and equipment, parts and products, fluids, and replacement pieces you need to get the job done right. You can stop by and visit our store on Bedford Street in Fall River or contact our team by phone when you call 508-676-1951.

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