Car Cleaning Products at LaCava Auto Supply in Fall River, MA

Car Cleaning Products at LaCava Auto Supply in Fall River, MA

fall river car cleaning productsWhen we say that we have everything you need to take care of your vehicle in Fall River at LaCava Auto Supply – we mean it. We carry a full line of foreign and domestic parts, serve local businesses and personal accounts, plus we offer a wide range of top brands, including Monroe Brakes, Delphi Fuel Pumps, AC Delco, Gates Hydraulics, Pennzoil, Motorcraft, and much more. We even offer free delivery in Fall River for hard-to-find parts or special order parts. Family owned and operated since 1942, we are proud to serve our customers in the Greater Fall River area of Southeastern Massachusetts.

Our newly expanded Car Care Department is here to serve you as well. For those searching for car cleaning products to protect vulnerable materials or to sanitize the interior due to COVID-19 and the regular flu season, we’ve got you covered. We carry an expansive array of products that you can use to keep your car looking great at our auto supply in Fall River. Make sure to choose products based on the type of materials you want to clean and the desired result. Some items are used specifically for cleaning or stain-removal, while others are designed to protect from sun or temperature damage. We can help you select the best car cleaning products based on your specific needs.

Cleaning Your Vehicle to Reduce Risk of COVID-19

While most people are wearing masks, washing their hands, and carrying portable hand sanitizers to assist them in the prevention of spreading or contracting the coronavirus, there’s not a lot of discussion about how to properly clean the interior of your vehicle. While this particular strain is new to scientists, it is not unlike other viruses that circulate commonly around our population. It’s a good idea to know how to reduce the risk for all types of germs within the interior of your car or truck to keep yourself and your family safe. Regular cleaning is not just recommended; it is highly suggested during any flu season or throughout this current pandemic situation.

High-touch areas, which are places that are touched most frequently inside your vehicle, should be cleaned daily – even if you are using hand sanitizer, wearing gloves, or using a mask. Any areas that you touch frequently should be cleaned, such as the steering wheel, door handles, radio knob, touchscreen navigation, A/C knobs, turn signal, and gear shifter. If you cannot get car cleaning products from LaCava Auto Supply that are designed to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses from your vehicle, there are things you can still do to reduce your risk. Rubbing alcohol that is 70 percent or higher can do the trick. A quick spray, set, and wipe will clean away most germs and grime. However, it is essential to know which surfaces can tolerate these germ-killing cleansers, and which ones cannot.

Consult the Owner’s Manual or Call the Dealership

Depending on the make, model, and age of your vehicle, there may be information inside the owner’s manual that discusses the use of car cleaning products. If you have used LaCava Auto Supply in the past to special order hard-to-find parts and used our free delivery in Fall River, then you know that we carry a lot of specialty products and have excellent customer service. Consider contacting our team to inquire about cleaning products and availability is there is something specific that you want to use. If your owner’s manual does not have information about car cleaning products, contact the local dealership. You want to make sure that the cleaner you choose will not damage the leather, imitation leather, carpeting, upholstery, plastic, or metal surfaces inside your vehicle.

Disinfecting wipes might also be helpful for a quick wipe down of the steering wheel and other high-touch areas. Unfortunately, they can be challenging to locate at this time. Some ingredients are more likely to cause damage on surfaces, such as hydrogen peroxide and bleach. Do not spray these in your vehicle or use cleaning products that contain these ingredients. Not only will they bleach out your upholstery and carpeting, but they can even damage the vinyl and plastics that are used in many popular models. Never use ammonia-based products, such as the popular glass cleaning solution. Ammonia has been proven to breakdown vinyl on dashboards and can severely damage anti-glare coatings on touchscreens and other similar surfaces in modern vehicles. Avoid scrubbing too hard, even with safe cleaners, to avoid causing damage to your vehicle.

Contact LaCava Auto Supply

At LaCava Brothers Auto Supply in Fall River, we are here to help with car parts, tools, and car cleaning products right here in the Southeastern Massachusetts area. If you have questions about our products and services, give us a call at 508-676-1951. We can answer any questions you have, suggest parts or products based on your needs, and explain our program for free delivery in Fall River. Whether you work in a professional shop or your home garage, LaCava Auto Supply has the parts, tools, and quality service to help you get back on the road and protect your vehicle now and in the future.

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