Reasons to Buy Auto Parts Locally: LaCava Brothers Fall River

Reasons to Buy Auto Parts Locally: LaCava Brothers Fall River

local auto parts fall riverThe world is changing for consumers and the way we do business. We used to shop from local stores where we knew the owner and sales team by name and could trust that the service we were getting was in our best interest. If something went wrong, we simply called them up on the phone or stopped by to make sure it was corrected. Unfortunately, due to increased sales by consumers online from warehouse websites that are located all across the country and, in some cases, around the world, we’ve lost touch with the advantages associated with buying locally. While it might seem like a beneficial change, having access to millions of products at a variety of price points, there are some things that saving 50-cents on a spark plug just can’t replace.

When you work with a long-running local business to purchase anything from your groceries to the products needed for an oil change in your vehicle, you gain the assurance that you are getting quality services that you can trust. Whether you go into the store or place an order for delivery, you can count on LaCava Brothers auto supply and services in Fall River, MA, to go that extra mile and provide you with unmatched customer service. Local stores rely on a good reputation to keep their business going in the community. Inferior quality products, rude sales staff, and inept service providers won’t be tolerated, and word will spread quickly. LaCava Brothers car parts and accessories have proudly served the Greater Fall River area for more than 70 years and have earned a solid reputation for the quality of our products and services.

Other Benefits of Buying Local

Some online stores are now offering next-day shipping or two-day free shipping options to their customers. However, when you buy local Fall River auto parts and services, you get instant gratification. If you need something that we do not have in stock for some reason, we will order it for you and can even deliver in the Greater Fall River area to your home or business. LaCava Brothers also provide our customers with insight and advice regarding various parts, tools, and accessories. This assistance can be extremely valuable, especially if you are not familiar with a specific brand or manufacturer. Those new to DIY oil changes and brake jobs appreciate the extra step we take by offering helpful information that can ensure they get the work done right.

While it’s true that buying local helps to support our neighbors who are business owners, it also helps to build the local economy. We hear many stories about cities that all but disappeared after a large corporation moved in and took business away from mom-and-pop shops in town. While national department stores do still support economies by offering jobs, the paychecks associated with those jobs aren’t any higher and don’t offer any more opportunities than a fast food joint. Big companies don’t invest in the communities that they serve. You will frequently see local businesses sponsoring youth sports, clubs, and associations or participating in the annual Main Street parade. When you buy local, the paychecks, revenues, and profits stay local and reinvest in the community in lots of different ways.

Buying Local Improves Quality

Studies show that the smaller the distance between the manufacturer and the consumer, the better the quality is overall. This includes things like car parts and accessories, as well as other types of Fall River auto parts and services for professional mechanics and auto shops in the local area. LaCava Brothers are proud to provide auto supply and services in Fall River, MA, to professionals and consumers. If you want to shop where the pros shop and get the same quality and attention to detail that our customer service team can provide, come to LaCava Brothers for all of your auto parts, tools, equipment, accessories, and product needs.

One example of this dedication to quality can be found in the brand names that we carry and the manufacturers that we work with regularly. We have a very large selection of automotive accessories and have been family owned and operated since 1942. We offer free delivery in the Fall River area to help you get your vehicle back up and running as quickly as possible. Whether you are performing home DIY auto maintenance or restoring a beloved vehicle to its original glory, you can count on LaCava Brothers Auto Supply to help you along the way. We are proud to have earned repeat business from customers throughout the Greater Fall River area and to have such a trusted name in the community.

Stop by our location on Bedford Street in Fall River or give us a call at 508-676-1951. We can answer any questions you might have about the parts, tools, and services that we offer at our Fall River auto parts and services store. You can use our Nexpart parts lookup tool online or in-store to find the right parts for your project. Open seven days a week; you can count on LaCava Brothers to provide you with quality products at a reasonable price.

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