LaCava Auto Parts & Services: Change Headlights in Fall River

LaCava Auto Parts & Services: Change Headlights in Fall River

fall river headlight replacementBelieve it or not, one of the most challenging aspects of learning how to replace a headlight on your vehicle is learning how to choose the best new bulb. There are so many different types of headlight bulbs available for purchase now that it can stump even the most experienced and qualified home mechanic. Each bulb manufacturer has its own name for each type, which makes comparing different bulb brands even more difficult. However, once you learn more about the different types of categories that all headlight bulbs fall under, it becomes a lot easier to navigate. LaCava Auto Parts and Services has a wide range of parts, accessories, tools, and more that you can use to your advantage. We offer professional rotor turning services and free battery testing in Fall River to help you keep your car in a safe and effective working order. You can trust LaCava Brothers to provide you with top-quality customer service whether you need to replace a headlight bulb or perform more intense repairs.

Just Remember B-L-E-C

Well, it’s not the most creative acronym for automotive repair, but it will get you where you need to go. The four upgrade categories for headlight bulbs include the (B) brightness level, (L) life span, (E) energy consumption, and (C) light color. The choices that you make will depend on where you live, the type of driving that you do, and the effect that you want to get when you upgrade the headlight bulb on your vehicle. Sure, you could just replace the same standard bulbs that the manufacturer installed, but where’s the fun in that?

  • BRIGHTNESS – When it comes to brightness, it is essential to understand that while the brighter bulbs can provide between 30-80 percent more light than standard bulbs, they still draw the same amount of power. What that means is that you will need to change the bulbs more frequently than factory standard bulbs, but you will get a lot more light. Excellent for people who do a lot of driving on highways or in rural areas.
  • LIFE SPAN – On the other end of the spectrum, if life span is more relevant to you and increasing brightness is not your objective, consider a bulb that claims to have a longer life so you won’t have to replace it as often.
  • ENERGY CONSUMPTION – If you want to reduce your fuel consumption and your carbon footprint, consider the eco-friendly headlight bulbs. Most will last twice as long as factory bulbs and can even save several gallons of gas over the lifetime of the bulb.
  • LIGHT COLOR – There are so many options available today for those who are into color. The color you choose might just be to make your vehicle look “cooler” than it did with factory lights, or it might provide additional benefits. For example, a blue bulb will help your headlights look like those high-value, luxury vehicle lights. You could also choose color-changing bulbs for an even more dramatic effect.

How to Install New Headlight Bulbs

The tools required for this project are simple. You will just need to have a 4-in-1 screwdriver, a basic wrench set, and some plastic gloves. The gloves are essential to ensure that the bulb is protected from the oils in your fingertips. Replacing a bulb will take you just about 30 minutes. You should always replace both bulbs at the same time. You can save anywhere between $30-50 in labor costs, depending on where you go for mechanical services. You can purchase all of the tools, parts, and accessories you need at LaCava Auto Parts and Services in Fall River. We have a wide selection for you to choose from, and our customer service is top-notch. Have a question? Just ask one of our friendly team members for assistance.

Important Note: Some late-model vehicles require you to remove the entire headlight assembly in order to access the bulb. Then all you need to do is remove the old bulb and install the new one. There are many how-to videos on the internet based on the make, model, and year of each vehicle that will help you to see how this must be accomplished for best results.

Start the repair by removing the headlight assembly retaining bolts so you can pull the entire unit forward. The next step is to disconnect the wiring harness from the bulb and then twist the headlight bulb a quarter of a turn. This should allow you to just pull it straight out. Do not touch the glass with your fingers – make sure to wear gloves throughout the entire process. With your gloved hands, push the new headlight bulb straight in until you can feel the silicone O-ring seat into place. Once you are lined up, go ahead and twist the bulb to lock it into place. Reconnect the wiring harness and put everything back the way you found it. It’s that easy to upgrade or replace new headlight bulbs in your vehicle.

Visit LaCava Brothers in Fall River for all of the headlight repairs, cleaning, and replacement parts, products, and accessories you need to get the job done right or give us a call at 508-676-1951. We can answer your questions about automotive parts and services and help you find the items you need to complete your DIY repairs. LaCava Auto Parts and Services has proudly served the Greater Fall River area for over 75 years.

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