Where to Buy Mechanics Tools and Auto Parts in Fall River, MA

Where to Buy Mechanics Tools and Auto Parts in Fall River, MA

mechanics tools and parts in fall river, MAWhen it comes to buying the best mechanics tools and auto parts for your DIY (do-it-yourself) home auto repairs or professional automotive services, it pays to know what you want. Brands are relative, meaning that “the best brand” will be based on your unique needs, experience, and the requirements of the project at hand.

While some mechanics prefer to use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) auto parts in Fall River, MA and choose to purchase only top of the line brand-name tools, not everyone feels the same way. That’s why there are lots of brands and options available at LaCava Auto Parts. Whether you require specialized tools, upgraded quality parts, or need hydraulic hoses in Fall River, our team can help you to achieve your goal.

We have proudly served the local community for over 75 years, selling top quality Fall River auto parts and services to individual customers and professional mechanics at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply.

The Right Tool for the Job

Performing required maintenance and services on a vehicle means having the tools necessary to get the job done without having to jury rig your basic tool set and force it to work. Some situations call for more specialized or sophisticated tools, so it pays to have them ready and available if you are going to do this type of work. Screwdrivers, pliers, duct tape, adjustable wrenches, and oil pans are the bare bones basic tools and products that you will need to have in your toolbox. However, if you are going to do more, you’ll need to have more at your disposal. LaCava Auto Parts has all of the mechanics tools and auto parts in Fall River, MA that you need to get the job done right.

  • Power Tools – One of the best tools in this category that will help you to do your job is an impact wrench. Stop fussing with corroded lug nuts or challenging bolts. An impact wrench can be used to deal with even the most resistant parts. Choose from electric or battery-powered impact wrenches, depending on your needs. Another essential tool is a drill and driver set with a wide selection of bits. Pick the brand name that you feel most comfortable using and the model that best suits your needs and budget. Visit our Fall River auto parts and services center to see a full selection of vital power tools.
  • OBDII Scan Tool – A diagnostic scan tool can help save you a lot of time and money when you do your own home repairs or work on vehicles in a professional capacity. LaCava Auto Parts has a current special on the Performance Tool brand OBDII Scan Tool, and it works with most 1996 and later models including American, European, and Asian vehicles. Read and display the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) for identification, turn off the MIL “check engine” light, erase DTC trouble codes, and reset the OBDII system for just $29.99.
  • Torque Wrench – This is an absolute must-have for any garage. Whatever you’re working on, from lug nuts to engine head bolts, you need to know that you are using the specified amount of torque for proper performance. Look for torque wrenches that display a wide range of torque in an easy-to-read scale. The average brand will provide a torque range between 25 and 250 ft/lbs to support just about any type of repair or project you are working on with a vehicle.
  • Quality Vise Grips – Forget that set of cheap vise grips that came with your all-in-one set of tools. Take time to get a quality set of vise grips that will help you turn rusted nuts, stripped screws, and provide comprehensive twisting and clamping power in the workshop. Look for a set that has a variety of options, including small and large vise grips with locking jaws, as well as needle-nose pliers that can help you get into tight spaces.
  • Hydraulic Jack Stands – Don’t trust your safety to some cheap set of jack stands. Invest in quality hydraulic jacks that will safely and quickly help you get your vehicle into the position you need to repair or maintain it. Choose a jack stand that offers the weight capacity required for your type of vehicle or the vehicles you typically work on in your garage, as well as a wide lift range from four to at least 18-inches. A three-ton capacity jack will provide you with support for most heavy loads, but it pays to know the weight of your vehicle before you start any type of lifted operations.

Hydraulic Hoses in Fall River

Speaking of hydraulics, LaCava Auto Parts offers professional in-house services for things like rotor turning and service for hydraulic hoses in Fall River. When it comes to any type of hydraulic-based system, you need to know that the materials you are using are right for the job. There are many different pressure ranges, levels of abrasion resistance, and various options depending on the type of fluid that you are using in your equipment. At our Fall River auto parts and services store, our hydraulic hose service is available seven days a week. Our team uses only Gates brand hydraulic hoses, which has been an industry leader since 1911. The MegaCrimp couplings that we use offer 500 percent better corrosion resistance compared to other similar solutions.

If you would like to learn more about our options for mechanics tools and auto parts in Fall River, MA, give us a call at 508-676-1951. We can answer any questions about our products, tools, parts, and services or provide you with additional information about our hydraulic hoses in Fall River and the surrounding area. Call today or stop to see us in person!

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