High-Mileage Vehicle Maintenance for Fall River Car Owners

High-Mileage Vehicle Maintenance for Fall River Car Owners

high mileage vehicle maintenance in fall river, MAWhether your vehicle already has over 100,000 miles on it or if you are just about to hit that milestone, it’s time to start thinking about high-mileage vehicle maintenance. While this is essential for vehicle owners all across the country, in areas like Fall River where we get more than our fair share of seasonal weather conditions, it is critical. LaCava Auto Supply has all of the local Fall River car parts and accessories that you need to keep your vehicle in safe and effective running condition. Just stop by LaCava Brothers Auto Supply to see all of the parts, tools, products, equipment, and accessories available at our store or order specialty options from our catalog. Our Parts Lookup Tool can help take the guesswork out of finding the right part for your high-mileage vehicle.

30/60/90 and Beyond

Most manufacturers stick to the traditional 30/60/90 guideline for all of the ongoing maintenance that needs to be performed to keep your vehicle running efficiently and safely. In between all of the standard oil changes, tire rotations, and regular inspections, the manufacturer will recommend that other key systems and equipment be checked and replaced at specific intervals. This can include air and fuel filters, batteries, brake fluid, brake pads and shoes, brake rotors, coolant, transmission fluid, hoses, power steering fluid, spark plugs, and your timing belt.

Make sure that you have performed all of the services suggested by the auto manufacturer for 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000-mile markers before moving onto the schedule provided for high-mileage vehicle maintenance. This will help you know that everything is in good working order and that you are ready for the next 100,000 miles of service with your vehicle. It’s like starting with a clean slate. You don’t want to assume that everything is in good condition, it’s much better to know for sure. The timing for all of the high-mileage vehicle maintenance services is based on the assumption that you have completed all of the services suggested in the 30/60/90 plan.

100,000 and Beyond

Congratulations! Taking care of a vehicle and getting it past the 100,000-mile mark in great condition is no easy feat. It takes time, care, money, and dedication to ensure that all of the services are taken care of to protect your investment. Depending on the type of driving that you do, including around town, long distance commute, daily suburb-to-city commute, or anything in between, you may have reached this milestone with a vehicle that is still relatively new. It’s not unheard of for someone to have a four-year-old car and achieve the 100,000-mile mark if they do a lot of daily driving for a commute or travel frequently each month.

Your vehicle likely is not under warranty at this point, so it is now up to you to set a schedule for maintenance and stay on top of things. LaCava Auto Supply can help you with all of the parts and products you’ll need at our quality auto parts store in Fall River. LaCava Brothers have proudly served the local Southcoast region for over 75 years, working with individual vehicle owners for DIY (do-it-yourself) maintenance, as well as with professional garages and repair shops. If it has been a while since you had a professional inspection of your vehicle, you might want to get started by taking it to a trusted mechanic who can tell you how things look under the hood and everywhere else. If any major work needs to be done, you can take care of it as you prepare for your next 100,000 miles.

Regular Service Schedule

Every month you should check the tire pressure and integrity of the tires. Also check the oil level, coolant level, and clean the backup camera lens for safety. Every 3,000 miles you should change the oil. If you have not switched to a high-mileage recommended oil type, you should consider it at this time. Also, check the windshield washer fluid and all other fluids every time you change the oil. Inspect your air filters and oil filter, changing them out right away when necessary. Every 10,000 miles you should rotate the tires and inspect the belts and hoses. Once a year you should have the brakes checked, clean your battery connections, check the brake fluid level and check the coolant strength.

The new 30/60/90 for the next 100,000 miles of service should be similar to what was performed during your first 100,000. At the 30,000 mile mark, replace the spark plugs if they are due, depending on the manufacturer recommendations and type of plugs that you used when you replaced them the first time. Other replacements include the distributor cap and rotor, inspection of all spark plug wires, change the transmission fluid, and inspect the shocks for leaks. Depending on the vehicle, you might need to also replace the oxygen sensor, PCV valve, and clean the throttle body. Similar maintenance should occur at 60,000 and 90,000 miles, adding in extra inspections for drive belts, timing belts or chains, front end alignment, U-joints, and rear axle lubricant, as applicable.

Ready to Get Started?

Stop by our auto parts store in Fall River to see our full line of automotive parts, products, tools, equipment, and accessories. We also offer professional services to help our customers save time and money for things like hydraulic hose servicing, rotor turning, and more. LaCava Auto Supply carries a wide selection of Fall River car parts and accessories. Stop by our location on Bedford Street to see everything we stock and sell at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply or give us a call at 508-678-1951.

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