How to Order Auto Parts for Vehicle Repairs in Fall River, MA

How to Order Auto Parts for Vehicle Repairs in Fall River, MA

fall river auto parts orderingThere are dozens of at-home repairs and preventive maintenance services that you can do yourself to ensure that your vehicle is running properly and to help save money. Your local Fall River auto parts store can help. Just stop by La Cava Brothers Auto Supply to see our wide range of local auto parts and accessories. Our auto supply and services in Fall River specializes in helping local customers and professionals, providing top quality parts, tools, equipment, accessories, and products necessary to complete essential automotive repairs.

The best way to avoid costly repairs is to provide regular maintenance for your vehicle. Creating a schedule can be helpful, especially if you stay busy with your work schedule and household routine. Even small repairs and replacements can make a big difference, saving you time and money throughout the lifetime of your vehicle. Many of these services can be completed in less than an hour, leaving you more time to do what you want to do without having to wait at the repair or maintenance shop for hours on your day off.

Engine Air Filter Replacement

One way to keep your engine clean and running efficiently is to regularly change the engine air filter. When you visit La Cava Brothers Auto Supply, make sure to purchase the proper air filter according to your specific vehicle. There are many different shapes, sizes, brands, and types of engine air filters, so it pays to take time to get the right one. You can look it up online or ask one of our friendly team members at our Fall River auto parts store. This type of work needs to be done after the engine has cooled down to prevent you from burning yourself or causing any other kind of injury. Just pop the hood and located the housing for the engine air filter. If you cannot find it only by looking, check the owner’s manual or search online for the specific make, model, and year of your vehicle.

Simply release the clamps – either by hand or by using a screwdriver to remove the screws so you can open up the box. A great tip is to use your smartphone to take a quick photo so you’ll know the exact position of the old filter. This will help you to make adjustments or properly place the new filter instead of wasting time trying to remember where it went. Make sure to properly dispose of the old filter, according to local environmental requirements. Wipe down the plastic housing using a dry cloth and take this time to inspect it for any type of damage or cracks. If there are any problems, you can get it replaced or repaired by a trusted mechanic. Then just put the new filter in where the old one was and don’t forget to fasten the clamps or tighten the screws on the housing. It’s that easy!

Headlight Replacement

In addition to performing your own oil changes and replacing filters throughout the lifetime of your vehicle, you will also likely have to replace lights at certain intervals. Start by checking the owner’s manual so you can get the proper replacement bulb. You will also want to have a lint-free cloth handy for cleaning. Online videos and step-by-step guides can provide you with additional confidence, but replacing a headlight bulb is a very basic repair job that can be done without any tools, in most cases. Just open the hood and look for the wiring harness at the back of the headlight. Open up the clip and pop it out. Some makes and models will feature a large plastic nut in this space that can be twisted to release.

Pull out the bulb holder and remove the old, burned out bulb from the socket. Use the lint-free cloth to wipe down all of the metal connections. This will prevent any issues from dirt or debris getting in between the new bulb and the connector, to ensure proper performance. Do not touch the glass on the light bulb – this is important. Any oily residue from your skin can get hot on the surface of the bulb, which can make it crack. A cracked bulb is much harder to replace than one that simply burns out, so you want to avoid this at all costs. To make sure that the bulb is clean, wipe it off with a tissue once you have it in the socket for extra care. Put everything back the way you found it, fasten back the clasp or plastic nut, drop the hood, and give it a test. If it doesn’t work, you might have to double-check the connector.

Visit La Cava Brothers Auto Supply in Fall River

If you require local auto parts and accessories in the Greater Fall River area, make sure to stop by La Cava Brothers Auto Supply. Located on Bedford Street, we have proudly served individual car owners and professional repair shops for over 70 years. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 or stop by our store during our regular hours. In addition to all of the products, tools, and equipment available at our Fall River auto parts store, we also offer specialty services and can order any parts that you require that are not in-stock. Call or stop by today to get everything you need for at-home repairs and services.

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