Before You Travel: Check Your Battery at LaCava Auto Supply

Before You Travel: Check Your Battery at LaCava Auto Supply

Fall River Battery Check in WinterMost people never fail to check the level of the battery in their smartphone, yet rarely even think about the battery in their car or truck – until it’s too late. Winter in New England is not the time to experience a dead battery. Freezing temperatures, long waits for roadside service and tow trucks, not one bit of it is pleasant. Stop by LaCava Auto Supply for free battery testing in Fall River to give yourself peace of mind before taking a big trip. Do this if you have an older battery if it’s been a while if you’ve checked your battery, or if you think it might be time to change your battery.

Our auto parts store in Fall River has just everything you could ever need to make minor or major repairs to your vehicle. We even have all of the parts, tools, and equipment necessary for renovation and restoration work. Our Fall River, MA car parts store offers product sales, parts, and more to individual customers and professional mechanics. Our additional services, including rotor turning, hydraulic hose replacement, and free battery testing in Fall River are designed to help our customers keep their vehicles running safely, effectively, and efficiently.

How to Avoid Becoming Stranded

Whether you are making a big family trip or you just drive a good sized commute to work each day, it is essential to do everything you can to avoid being stranded. Winter is a beautiful season when you are toasty warm inside your home or vehicle, but when you get stuck out in the cold seasonal weather, it’s not a lot of fun. In addition to taking steps to prevent becoming stranded, you should also add some safety gear and items that you can use in the event of an accident or unexpected breakdown.

  • Park Your Vehicle Indoors – If you have access to a garage or other indoor parking option, use it. Marking your car in the garage at night during the winter can help to provide a bit of extra protection for the battery.
  • Let Your Vehicle Warm Up – There are no two ways about it, the more you can do to allow your vehicle to warm up before you plug-in any accessories, turn on the radio, flick on the lights, or switch on the heater, the less strain you will put on the battery. When you get out of the car to park, turn everything off so things won’t automatically come on when you start your car again.
  • Keep the Battery Clean – This tip is something that should be adhered to throughout the year, but in particular during the winter. Make sure that your battery is clean and free of any dirt or debris. A build-up of dirt, grime, and even corrosion around the terminals can make your battery work harder. Low temperatures already thicken engine oil and increase electrical resistance, so the more you can do to keep things clean and clear of debris, the less strain will be put on your battery.
  • Check the Battery in the Fall – Bring your vehicle to LaCava Auto Supply for free battery testing in Fall River. Our free battery checks can help you to know how well your battery is working and whether you need to change it out to a new model before winter hits.

Things to Keep in Your Car for Winter Driving

Even if your battery is working great and you have tested it to make sure, there are lots of other things that could go wrong that could leave you out in the middle of nowhere in the cold. It is a good idea to have a winter safety pack ready to go that you can keep in your trunk for cold weather emergencies. While some of these items might seem like a no-brainer, think about it as a list of things you can check off or get at our Fall River, MA car parts and supply store.

  • snow brush and ice scraper tool – even just a few inches of snow that pile up during the day can make it difficult to see when driving; don’t just drive away and hope that it blows off – use a snow brush and ice scraper tool to clear your entire car
  • collapsible snow shovel – this can help you dig out if you get snowed in or if you need to clear a path so you can drive
  • gloves and extra warm clothing – even if you always wear gloves and warm clothing, make sure to have some extra items in the car, including blankets; disposable hand warmers are also a great must-have item if you ever get stranded or help someone out that is stranded
  • first aid kit – always a good idea; make sure it is stocked up and replace items when they expire or get used; keep a flashlight and extra batteries with your first aid kit
  • jumper cables – even if you don’t think you’ll need them, it’s always a good idea to have them; consider looking at other jump start options that can help charge up a dead or dying battery without requiring another vehicle’s battery

Need Car Parts and Winter Supplies?

Visit LaCava Auto Supply to see all of the options available at our auto parts store in Fall River. Take advantage of our professional services, including free battery testing in Fall River. For over 70 years we have served the Greater Fall River area, providing top quality parts, tools, fluids, equipment, and services to our customers. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 or stop by our location on Bedford Street to check out our Fall River, MA car parts offerings in person.

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