DIY Auto Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Autumn in Fall River

DIY Auto Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Autumn in Fall River

Autumn Maintenance Prevention Fall RiverBelieve it or not, the “dog days of summer” are the perfect time to prepare your vehicle for fall and winter weather. While it’s still nice outside, get out there and start performing some annual DIY maintenance to make it easier for your vehicle to transition between the seasons. You would be crazy to take a garaged vehicle that has not been maintained out in winter weather without performing an inspection. So while your car might have been great all summer long, the chances are good that you will require some essential Fall River auto parts and services to keep is running right when the weather gets cold and wet.

LaCava Auto Parts & Auto Supply in Fall River has a full stock of all the parts, tools, fluids, and products you need to keep your car or truck performing effectively and efficiently all year long. Stop by and see all the car parts and accessories at our shop on Bedford Street in Fall River, MA. We have provided top quality parts and services to local customers and professional industry shops for over 70 years. We are open seven days a week and even offer delivery services to customers within the local area. Make sure to ask about our specials when you call or drop by to check out our Fall River auto parts and services.

Know What You Are Getting Into

Before you walk into the garage and start taking things apart, take time to learn a bit more about your vehicle. Read the owner’s manual and follow all of the manufacturer’s recommended service schedules for best results. Simple things like oil changes, filter replacement, and tire inflation monitoring can provide you with better gas mileage and increased longevity for your vehicle. The more time you spend performing basic services, the more likely you will be to catch small issues before they become big and expensive problems. All of the services listed will help you to operate your vehicle more safely while out on the road during the fall and winter months.

Seek the advice of a professional if you find yourself in over your head. LaCava Auto Parts has a wide range of parts, tools, and services that you can use to your advantage, but there are some situations where a professional repair service will be required. While it’s always a good idea to learn as much as you can about your vehicle and use top quality car parts and accessories to keep it in safe running condition, it is also smart to know when to bring your vehicle to a pro to ensure best results. Engine performance or driveability issues, such as diminished power, hard starts, stalling, or rough idling, are examples of when a professional service might be warranted.

Learn to Do the Basics

Every car owner should take the opportunity to learn as much as they can about maintaining their own vehicle. Time and budget constraints might make it difficult to get your car into the dealer or local repair shop everytime services are needed. Learn how to replace your dirty filters, including fuel, air, and PCV for a clean-running and efficient engine. An at-home oil change can save you hundreds of dollars each year and provide you with more control over the quality of the products and fluids used for servicing. Make sure to change your oil and the oil filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, increasing the time frame if you are putting more miles on the vehicle than the average driver. Studies show that oil changes are by far the most neglected vehicle service nationwide.

Flushing and filling your cooling system should also be done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, based on the amount of driving that you do and the kind of driving that you do. Highway driving is drastically different than city driving, so you might need to perform more frequent maintenance depending on where you live and the way you drive. Even if you do this service yourself, consider bringing your vehicle in for periodic checks with a professional mechanic who can also inspect the condition and tightness of belts, clamps, and hoses to prevent a major breakdown. Have the heater and defroster checked before cold weather hits, both to improve driver visibility and passenger comfort.

Stock Up at LaCava Auto Parts

Stop by our Fall River auto parts and services center to stock up on seasonal essentials. Replace your old windshield wiper blades regularly, especially in the winter. Make sure you have enough windshield washer solvent and always have two ice scrapers on-hand for emergencies. It never hurts to carry a back-up with you. Stop by for a FREE battery check to make sure you are ready for cold weather driving. You don’t want to get stuck miles away from home or assistance with a dead battery. Check tires, lights, first aid, and safety gear to make sure you are ready for anything in an emergency. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 or stop by our location on Bedford Street to see our full line of quality car parts and accessories at LaCava Auto Supply in Fall River.

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