Hydraulic Hose Services & Safety Tips: Auto Supply Fall River

Hydraulic Hose Services & Safety Tips: Auto Supply Fall River

Hydraulic Hose Services in Fall RiverOne of the most dangerous types of repairs in the automotive and equipment industry is in relation to hydraulic hose services. It is important to know all of the risks associated with hydraulic hoses and fluids to prevent personal injury or damage to the environment. Some professions require the use of hydraulic hoses and fluids for heavy-duty equipment. However, some vehicles also rely on a hydraulic system for performance. If you are not familiar with performing hydraulic hose services, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional service to take care of this work for you. LaCava Auto Parts and Auto Supply in Fall River offers hydraulic hose services to our customers for safe and professional results.

What are Hydraulic Fluids?

Hydraulic fluid essential to the proper operation and performance of a hydraulic system. Unfortunately, it can also be very dangerous to humans. The risks associated with the use of hydraulic hoses and fluids can be kept under control through the use of industry provided safety tips and regulations. It is important to always wear protective gear when handling hydraulic fluids or working with a hydraulic system. Some fluids contain dangerous chemicals that can cause painful skin irritations and injuries if touched. Even more serious reactions can occur if the hydraulic fluid is accidentally injected or ingested in any way.

Gloves should be used whenever you are working with hydraulic fluids to prevent any type of skin contact. They should also be worn whenever you are working with pressurized components of any kind. A leak as small as a pinhole at more than 2,000 PSI can penetrate the skin, leading to dangerous health risks. Regular inspections of hydraulic hoses should occur and any leaks, wear, or damage should be repaired and replaced immediately. LaCava Auto Parts and Auto Supply in Fall River provides hydraulic hose services seven days a week to best meet the needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of pressure ranges, abrasion resistance, and all of our hoses are built with long-lasting and high-performance applications in mind.

System Temperatures Matter

One way to avoid injury with hydraulic hoses is to monitor the system temperatures carefully. While there are some fire-resistant fluids available, most types of hydraulic fluid are flammable. So if you are not using a fire-resistant fluid, there can be a serious risk of combustion if the temperature gets too high. This can lead to explosions, fires, and increased risk of personal injury. Whenever you use your equipment, make sure to consistently monitor the system temperature and make adjustments accordingly to prevent failure.

Any spills that occur should be cleaned up right away. When inside the hydraulic system, hydraulic fluids work to keep everything functioning as it should. But when they are outside of the system, they become extremely slippery and dangerous. To prevent employees and co-workers from slipping or falling in a puddle of hazardous hydraulic fluid, make sure to clean up any leaks right away. Just a little bit of fluid on the floor can end up on shoes or hands, causing accidents to occur on the work floor or inside of the heavy-duty equipment. Check for any leaks or spills on a regular basis to avoid these types of risks.

Call a Professional

If you require hydraulic hose services, call our specialized team at LaCava Auto Parts and Auto Supply in Fall River. We have all of the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to help you replace worn out or damaged hydraulic hoses to keep your hydraulic system working as it should. Our team uses only Gates hydraulic hoses to meet the needs of our customers. Since 1911, the Gates brand of hydraulic hoses and components have provided long-lasting, durable results and offer up to 500 percent more corrosion resistance than the average hydraulic hose.

For over 70 years, LaCava Auto Parts has served the Greater Fall River area, providing top quality parts, and services to our customers. From individual vehicle owners to professional mechanics, business owners, and industrial companies, our hydraulic hose services are vital to your ongoing success. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 to request professional services for your hydraulic hoses or to learn more about our top quality hydraulic hose services for your vehicle or equipment system.

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