Top Tools Every DIY Home Mechanic Should Own in Fall River

Top Tools Every DIY Home Mechanic Should Own in Fall River

Top Tools for DIY Auto Repair in Fall RiverWhether you take care of minor repairs or are re-building an old car as a hobby, it is important to make sure that you have a good toolbox. It is helpful to know where you can go in the local area to buy quality tools and auto parts in Fall River, MA. LaCava Auto Parts has served the local community, providing parts, products, tools and more to consumers and professionals alike. The tools required for your project will vary from one make and model of vehicle to another, so even if you have a large toolbox at home, you might need to get a few things from time to time. However, there are several basics that every home mechanic should have to help them accomplish the work that needs to get done.


When you visit LaCava Auto Supply in Fall River, you will see that we have a wide selection of wrenches. Depending on the job you might need an angle socket wrench, a flat ratchet wrench, a regular ratcheting wrench, and traditional wrenches in a variety of sizes. The type of vehicle you are working on, and the job that you are doing may require you to have a wrench that you don’t have in stock. When you are in need of Fall River auto parts and services, make sure to stop by LaCava Brothers.

Socket Sets

Another thing that you will need is a couple of socket sets. A small socket set with sizes that range from 4 to 14 is a must. A larger socket set is also recommended, with sizes that range from 8 to 32. Make sure that your toolbox has both sizes of socket sets to ensure that you have all the tools that you need to get the job done right. Many socket sets and basic tool sets will also come with an Allen key or Allen wrench, which can range from size 4 to a size 10. Longer Allen keys provide the user with more leverage in the operation, and smaller keys are used for tighter spots and smaller adjustments.

Torx Tools

There are two Torx tools that every DIY mechanic must have. They include a Torx wrench, which should come in a series that starts around size 10 and ranges on up to a size 50. The same goes with the Torx screwdriver, which should come in sizes 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. Additional sizes can be purchased, but for a solid basic set, these sizes should be sufficient. Otherwise known as the “star” tool, Torx tools are often used in auto repairs.


This is the must-have tool that can be used for everything from making a simple adjustment under the hood to putting on a brand new light fixture. Most mechanics will recommend that you have both Phillips and flat head screwdrivers in a wide range of sizes. All sizes would be ideal, but you might run out of room to store them all and would have to invest a fortune. Make sure to at least have a basic set with the most commonly used sizes included. Screwdrivers are something that can be purchased on an as-needed basis for a specialty repair or service when you visit our Fall River auto parts and services center.


The next type of tool that is important to have with your home auto supply in Fall River is pliers. You should at least have a pair of Channellock pliers, cutting pliers, and universal pliers. There are other types that might be helpful in certain situations, so it never hurts to have more. Bent nose pliers are often used in auto repair as well.

Standard Tools

In addition to tools that are specifically for use with auto parts in Fall River, MA, it is also recommended that you have some basic tools on hand. These tools can make it easier to do some of the work that is required for DIY auto maintenance, especially when some parts are rusted on or just difficult to remove. A hammer, a chisel, and a knife are good to have around for some reasons. An oil filter wrench and other specialty tools can save you a lot of time when doing regular maintenance. A flashlight and a hanging light can come in handy for those hard-to-see spots. Some mechanics will even use a mirror to help them see behind areas that are blocked from view.

Need Tools in Fall River?

If you don’t have the tools that you need to get the job done, stop by LaCava Auto Parts and take a look at our large selection of tools, parts, and accessories. We have a wide range of tools that you can use to make the job a lot easier. From gloves to cleaning products, specialty tools and power tools to spill cleanup products, we’ve got it all at our Fall River auto parts and services store. Give us a call at 508-676-1951. Ask about our name brand parts, tools, and accessories at LaCava Auto Supply in Fall River.

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