Best Tips and Supplies for Winterizing RVs in Fall River, MA

Best Tips and Supplies for Winterizing RVs in Fall River, MA

Whenever the fall season starts to come around, it’s time for all recreational vehicle (RV) owners to start making plans to winterize and protect their investment. Next year’s plans for going camping, taking fishing trips, and plotting family vacations all depend on the annual maintenance, repairs, and prevention that you put into your RV before you put it “to bed” for the winter. LaCava Auto Parts provides a wide variety of auto supply and services in Fall River, MA that you can use to winterize your RV. We carry a broad selection of car parts and accessories that you can use to provide preventive maintenance to just about any vehicle that you own. Even if you aren’t sure what you need for your particular make and model, just stop by our auto parts store and our knowledgeable agents can help you to get it all.

When the Camping is Over

While some people still like to go camping in the fall and winter months, it’s up to you as an individual to decide when the camping is over for you and your family for the year. If you will be parking your RV, whether that is inside of a covered RV storage facility or somewhere on your property, it is essential to employ some preventive measures to ensure that it will be ready when you are in the spring. Winter can cause a lot of damage to stored vehicles, so it is important to winterize RVs, boats, personal watercraft, and seasonal vehicles that you won’t be using during this time.

Winterizing your RV on your own will save you a lot of money compared to hiring someone to do the maintenance for you. The best thing to do is to have a checklist that you can reliably use to make sure you don’t forget anything important. Gather all of the products, fluids, and parts that you will need to winterize your RV before you get going. If you have any questions about the items that you need, make sure to contact LaCava Auto Parts to find out if we have the parts available at our local auto parts store. If we don’t have the items in stock, we can order them and have them delivered to our Fall River store for easy pick-up.

Some of the items that you may need, depending on the type of RV that you own, include:

  • non-toxic RV antifreeze – make sure you get the right kind
  • wand to clean out the holding tanks
  • water pump converter kit
  • water heater by-pass kit – unless you already installed one previously
  • some basic tools to assist with drain plug removal

Why Winterizing is Important

All of the work that you do to winterize your RV will be with the goal of protecting the RV’s water system to protect it from freezing. Check the owner’s manual to find out everything that the manufacturer recommends that you do to prevent winter damage during the off-season and make sure that you follow the steps correctly. Drain all of the water from your RV and flush the holding tanks. Make sure to lubricate all of the valves and, once you have drained everything out, make sure that you close all of the faucets and valves.

In addition to protecting the water system, you will also want to winterize the engine, remove the batteries to prevent damage, and go through the RV to make sure that everything is clean and that you remove all personal belongings. You also want to make sure that you don’t get any little “invaders” moving in during the winter, such as rodents, insects, or other pests, which can cause a lot of damage and require additional steps to get your RV back for your first camping trip of the new year. Our auto parts store will have a lot of the cleaning fluids and items you need to provide this type of care. In addition to car parts and accessories, we have a lot of tools, products, and fluids that will help you to protect your RV during the winter months.

Contact LaCava Auto Parts & Supply

If you are in need of auto supply and services in Fall River, MA and the surrounding area, make sure to visit LaCava Auto Parts on Bedford Street. In addition to supplying all of the parts, products, tools, and fluids that you need to keep your RV or personal vehicle running as it should, we also have a lot of other car parts and accessories to assist with just about any type of repair, upgrade, or maintenance project. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 and ask to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members. We can answer any questions that you might have and help you locate the parts you need to get the job done right. Our customers have trusted LaCava Auto Parts store for over 70 years, and we take pride in the excellent reputation we have earned for providing quality sales and service.

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