Auto Services in Fall River, MA to Save You Time and Money

Auto Services in Fall River, MA to Save You Time and Money

There are some services that you can receive at LaCava Auto Parts that will help to save you time and money compared to doing the job yourself. Some of these services are free, such as windshield wiper replacement and free battery testing in Fall River for customers, while others are a bit more specialized and complex. Some services will straight-up save you money by extending the life of parts instead of replacing them, while others can be provided in emergency situations to get you back up and running.

When most people think about LaCava Auto Supply & Services in Fall River, MA, they think about the wide variety of parts, accessories, and products available at our store. For over 70 years, local customers and professional repair shops have counted on LaCava Brothers to provide them with all of the parts and products they need to get the job done right. However, there are also two very specialized services that we provide that others have come to depend on as well to help them save time and money while ensuring safe performance.

Rotor Turning Services
Our team of highly-trained specialists can turn your rotors for you. Some car owners believe that they need to replace their rotors every time they do a brake job. However, the truth is that this is not always the case. If your brake rotors still have enough metal remaining and there are no cracks, severe grooving, rusting, or hard spots present, you might be a candidate for rotor turning or resurfacing. If your brake discs are still smooth, they might not even require resurfacing, so it pays to have them checked out by a professional. Just bring your vehicle into LaCava auto parts and get an inspection before resurfacing or replacing.

Resurfacing or turning the rotors helps to restore a flat and even surface. This is important to minimize vibrations when the brakes are being used and to provide maximum brake pad friction for better and safer stopping. When you install new pads on a rotor that is grooved or otherwise damaged, the pads will not make full contact with the brake disc, causing the pads to wear down quickly and significantly decrease the life of the new brake pads. While rotor turning services can be done in many situations, if there is not enough metal remaining or if the rotors are damaged, it is best to purchase new rotors from our auto supply services in Fall River, MA and just replace them outright.

Current rates for car rotor turning is $16, and car drums are $12. Current rates for truck rotor turning is $20, and truck drums are $14. If you have any questions about rotor turning services or would like to schedule services at LaCava Auto Parts, just give us a call at 508-676-1951.

Hydraulic Hose Services
If your vehicle or professional equipment relies on hydraulic hoses, it is important to ensure that they are properly maintained and replaced right away when required for optimal performance and safety. Quality hydraulic hose services are needed to provide the ultimate fluid conveyance system. LaCava Auto Parts offers a wide range of pressure ranges, abrasion resistance, and long-lasting performance.

To ensure best results, we only work with the most trusted brand name in the business: Gates. Gates hydraulic hoses and parts have been the industry leader since 1911. The MegaCrimp couplings that we use provide 500 percent better corrosion resistance than other manufacturers. Our hydraulic hose services are available seven days a week to meet the needs of our customers, so if you have a hose break or experience a failure any day of the week, make sure to give us a call.

Trust LaCava Brothers Auto Supply for Quality Services
You can put your trust in LaCava Brothers for all of your battery testing, windshield wiper blade replacing, rotor turning services, and hydraulic hose services needs. We choose to go the extra mile to offer our customers the services they need to safely maintain vehicles and equipment in the Greater Fall River area. So whether you need parts and accessories, products for repairs, or would like to take advantage of our free or professional services, just give us a call at 508-676-1951. See for yourself why so many locals in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island trust LaCava Auto Parts, Auto Supply and services in Fall River, MA for all of their parts and service needs.

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