How to Get the Best Auto Services in Fall River, Massachusetts

How to Get the Best Auto Services in Fall River, Massachusetts

We’ve all heard the “horror stories” about the car owners who took their vehicle to fly by night mechanics and ended up paying thousands of dollars for something that should have only cost hundreds to fix. Nobody wants to have that life experience, but how do you make sure that you don’t get taken when you bring your vehicle in for repair? The best way to ensure that the Fall River auto parts and services that you receive are top quality is to do the work yourself. Unfortunately, not every car owner is a born mechanic. It takes knowledge, training, and skill to get the job done right. After all, you’re trusting not just your vehicle to the repair work, but also your life as well.

Ask for Certifications & Credentials
You could start by getting information on the mechanic’s certifications. You might have seen a sign in the window of the auto repair shop that says ASE. That stands for the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, and the only way that a mechanic can get this certification is to have at least two years of experience working with auto repairs. Other certifications can be helpful in determining the knowledge and quality of the service that you will be receiving. Some mechanics are certified by the auto manufacturer specifically to be an authorized repair center for a certain brand. Like your local auto dealer who specializes in Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford, or any other manufacturer brand, these mechanics have to pass tests that prove they can make repairs to vehicles made by that manufacturer.

BONUS TIP: It is important to note that the individual mechanics are the ones that get certified, not the shop as a whole, so it pays to find out who will be working on your vehicle and what their credentials and experience are with your type of car or truck. This is true whether you are getting basic rotor turning services done or a 60,000-mile service.

Investigate Reputation & Reviews
It doesn’t take much to find written reviews on the internet these days. Specific websites that allow consumers to rank and review service providers are helpful, but also check social media for the provider as well. Sure, bad posts can be deleted, but you will be able to get a feel for what the locals are saying about the shop that offers Fall River auto parts and services. It is important to have a quality mechanic perform the services for you, so make sure you dig until you can find an honest opinion about the service center before you bring your vehicle in for work. Affiliations can be helpful as well, such as a sign that states that the shop is AAA Approved for Repairs (AAR), as AAA pre-screens shops to determine whether they provide customers with quality and reliable services. All mechanics who work under the AAR must be certified and have to sign an agreement that they will continue to have high-quality standards.

Get Basic Services Locally
Another great way to save money and get quality work for your vehicle is to go with a trusted resource locally in the Greater Fall River area. Auto supply services in Fall River, MA are available through LaCava Brothers Auto Supply, including hydraulic hose installation and servicing, and rotor turning services. We also offer two free services, which include a free battery testing and free windshield wiper installation, as long as you purchase your new wiper set at our store. While these services are very specific, they can also save you a lot of money and ensure that you get the quality parts and results that you need. We provide sales of OEM parts and replacement parts to mechanics throughout the South Coast area, so we know a thing or two about providing quality services to our customers.

  • Hydraulic Hoses – We provide custom hydraulic hoses for the ultimate fluid conveyance system. A broad range of pressure ranges and abrasion resistance are available, and all of the hoses that we sell and install are designed for long-lasting durability and high-performance applications. At LaCava Brothers Auto Supply, we only work with Gates, the leading brand in hydraulic hoses since 1911. The couplings that we use are MegaCrimp, which offers a 500 percent better resistance to corrosion than other brands. Our hydraulic hose services are available seven days a week to better meet the needs of our clients.
  • Rotor Turning Services – Our team of highly trained technicians can provide rotor turning services for you based upon the condition of your rotors. This can save hundreds of dollars compared to the cost of replacing rotors on your vehicle when you get your brake pads replaced. Car rotors are just $16, and truck rotors are $20. For drum style brakes, a car drum service is just $12, and a truck drum service is just $14. Our mechanics can only provide rotor turning services if it is safe to do so. Bring your vehicle in to get checked at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply and Services in Fall River, MA.

Call or Visit LaCava Brothers Auto Supply
If you are in need of auto supply and services in Fall River, MA or the surrounding area, make sure to stop by our office located on Bedford Street or give us a call at 508-676-1951. Our team can help answer any questions that you might have about hydraulic hose services and rotor turning services, or we can point you in the right direction about any parts that you might need.

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