Summer Car Washing Tips for Greater Fall River Vehicle Owners

Summer Car Washing Tips for Greater Fall River Vehicle Owners

It is important to take good care of your car’s paint job all year-round, but especially in the summer. Road trips, weekends at the beach, driving on gravel roads, and salty, summer breezes are just all par for the course here in Southeastern Massachusetts. Unfortunately, all of the dirt, bugs, sand, salt, and grime that come in contact with your vehicle while you are out on the road can cause damage to your car’s surface. In fact, you may need to wash your vehicle more than once a week if you are driving in an area that has a lot of these issues.

Your best bet is to visit your local auto parts store to find quality products that will help to keep your car’s paint job looking it’s very best. LaCava Brothers Auto Supply is located in Fall River and has been serving the local area for over 70 years. Our team can help you find the best products to wash and protect your vehicle in our Fall River, MA car parts store. We also offer a variety of services, including rotor turning services, windshield wiper installation, hydraulic hose servicing, and even free battery testing in Fall River at our Bedford Street location.

Car Wash Products
Look for a quality car wash product that will remove all of the dirt, grime, bugs, and other damaging materials from your vehicle. A good wash will prevent corrosive dirt and other irritants from accumulating on the surface of your car. If left alone or ignored for any length of time, dirt and debris can lead to corrosion, which would do more than just damage your car’s paint job – it could damage your car. Once rust sets in it will slowly eat away at your car’s body until it begins to fall apart. Don’t allow rust to get a foothold on your vehicle. All it takes is about an hour or so of your time each week to properly clean and protect your car’s paint job and body from the elements. Stop by LaCava Brothers and see our whole line of car wash products at our Fall River, MA car parts store.

Car Wax Products
A wash is great because it removes all of the dirt and grime from your vehicle. However, it doesn’t leave behind a protective layer the way that a good waxing can do. A wax product is used to protect the paint. It is important to choose a wax that will be compatible with the color of your vehicle. There are lots of great videos online that show the proper way to apply car wax products. You can also ask the team at LaCava Brothers auto parts store. We can help you find the best car wax products for your vehicle and give you tips on how to get the best results for long-lasting protection. You can also take your vehicle to a professional for detailing services, but that will be very expensive.

Conditioning Products
Another option for car owners is to use a paint conditioning product, which will provide excellent protection for brand new cars or cars that have been recently repainted. Many car experts will tell you to avoid paint conditioners that are abrasive, as they can remove the shine from your new paint job. When you come to our Fall River, MA car parts store to purchase conditioning products, choose something that is designed to provide protection against abrasion. The application method is simple: just spray the conditioner over your car in small amounts and follow the directions on the bottle. LaCava Brothers carries a broad range of paint conditioning products for you to purchase.

Car Washing Tools
You wouldn’t just wash your car with any scrub brush or sponge that you find in your garage, so make sure you give time and care into the selection of any car washing tools that you use to keep your car clean. Soft terry cloth towels or micro-cloth towels are a good bet to prevent scratches. Again, make sure to follow the directions for the use of each product in your car washing arsenal to ensure that you don’t do any damage. We carry a wide range of car washing tools, including brushes, towels, and wipes, at our auto parts store in Fall River. Stop by and get some free advice from our experienced and knowledgeable team members or take advantage of our free battery testing in Fall River before you head off on a summer road trip!

Visit LaCava Brothers Auto Parts Store in Fall River
If you are interested in learning more about proper car care and cleaning or if you are in need of tools, products, and other supplies for at-home car washing and protection, just stop by our location on Bedford Street or give us a call at 508-676-1951. LaCava Brothers has provided top quality parts and services at our Fall River, MA car parts store for over 70 years. See for yourself why so many professional and individual customers trust our store for all of their parts and service needs.

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