Services to Do (or Get Done) Before a Road Trip in Fall River

Services to Do (or Get Done) Before a Road Trip in Fall River

If you are planning a road trip with the family or some friends, make sure to perform some services on your vehicle in advance. Even just a short trip across New England can wreck havoc on a car that has not been properly maintained. Whether you decide to do the services yourself or hire a professional, you can count on LaCava Auto Parts to get you all of the Fall River, MA car parts and accessories you need to have a safe trip! Just visit our auto parts store or give us a call to locate hard-to-find items for the make and model of your vehicle. We have been providing services and auto parts in Fall River, MA for over 70 years – family-owned and operated from the very start. LaCava Brothers Auto Supply is the best choice for all of your auto parts and accessories needs.

Get a Checkup
Now is a great time to get a checkup performed on your vehicle. All basic maintenance should be conducted, including oil and filter changes, fluid replacements, wiper checks, battery testing, and tune ups. Don’t make the mistake of telling yourself that these services can wait until you get back from your trip. Take the time to do it now at least two weeks before you are due to head out on the road. A properly maintained vehicle will also get better gas mileage and will perform better in extreme conditions, including up and down hills, hot and humid conditions, or dry and dusty environments.

LaCava Auto Parts in Fall River, MA has all of the oil, filters, fluids, parts, and tools that you need to get your vehicle in shape and keep it running at its very best. Stop by our local store on Bedford Street to browse the shelves or give us a call if you need something unique and specific for your vehicle. We have a full line of both foreign and domestic parts, and we carry only the biggest and best names in brakes, shocks, struts, fuel pumps, and just about anything else that you might need.

Battery Maintenance
The number one part that tends to go out during a big trip is the battery. If your car battery is getting close to the end of its time or has not been properly maintained, now is the time to get on top of things. Inspect the battery to make sure that the terminals are clean. You can use baking soda and water or purchase a special battery terminal cleaner. Bring the battery into our auto parts store to get it tested, to make sure that it is strong and able to handle the trip. Ensure that all cables, lines, and connections are in good condition as well.

Visit our Fall River, MA car parts and supply store to see our full line of batteries, cleaning fluids, connections, and much more. Consider purchasing a set of jumper cables to have with you on the road, just in case something does go wrong, or to help a fellow traveler in need. We have a broad range of auto parts in Fall River, MA and our team of friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready and waiting to answer your questions or assist you in finding just the right tools for the job.

Inspect the Tires
You don’t want to be halfway to Florida and experience a blowout on the highway. Check your tires for wear and tear, bulges in the sidewalls, or extreme wear in the tread. You should always have a tire gauge, which an be used to check the tread and pressure. Check the inside of the driver’s door jam for information on required tire pressures for safe driving. The hot asphalt and cement in summer can increase pressure on tires, so you need to make sure you aren’t over or under inflated. If you know you are due for new tires, you may want to invest in a full set before your trip to avoid any unwanted time spent on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck or changing a blown tire.

Visit LaCava Auto Parts in Fall River
If you are in need of car parts, tools, equipment, or accessories for your vehicle, make sure to stop by our Fall River, MA car parts and services shop. We have a vast array of car parts and accessories, as well as some professional services and free opportunities to help keep your vehicle in good working condition. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 to ask about specific parts and availability or to get hours and directions. Locals have trusted LaCava Brothers Auto Supply for over 70 years – we are proud to be your auto parts store!

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