LaCava Brothers Fall River: Summer Safety Gear for Your Car

LaCava Brothers Fall River: Summer Safety Gear for Your Car

Whether you are planning an extended summertime road trip or just a quick drive to the beach, it pays to be prepared for all the things that could potentially go wrong with your vehicle. Summer safety gear should be included in addition to your emergency kit, stowed away safely in the trunk or some other easy-to-access part of your car. Visit your local auto supply services in Fall River, MA at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply to get most of the items mentioned here. If you need anything that you don’t see at our Fall River auto parts and services store, just ask. There are a lot of parts and products that we can order for you and have shipped to the store. You can even get professional services here, including rotor turning services, hydraulic hose services, installation of windshield wipers, free battery testing, and much more.

Buckle Up for Safety!
The first thing you need to do is make sure that there is a seatbelt for everyone who will be riding in the car and that there is an appropriate safety seat for all children. If you aren’t sure about the type of seat that is required for the kids, based on age and weight, take the time to go over the safety laws. Studies show that as many as 70 percent of children’s car seats are not properly installed in vehicles, so take time before you get on the road to learn all you can. Contact your local AAA or insurance company to ask about local certified car seat technicians who can help to ensure that everything is installed correctly before your road trip. This knowledge will even assist in the day-to-day commute to school or daycare.

If you need to repair or replace seatbelts for your vehicle, you can trust LaCava Brothers Auto Supply to have everything you need to get the job done right. Most seatbelt repairs are very straight-forward and simple, requiring basic tools to remove the old equipment and install the new. Visit our Fall River auto parts and services store and don’t be afraid to ask one of our friendly customer service agents for assistance.

Be Safe – and Secure!
Did you know that loose items in your vehicle can become a dangerous projectile in a crash? Anything that isn’t secured could cause injury to you, your passengers, or increase damage to your vehicle. Booster seats that are not in-use, sports equipment left behind after a trip to the gym, large bags, sunshades, and even kids’ toys. Create a policy for your vehicle, whether you are on a long road trip or just taking a drive to the local park, which includes securing all loose items throughout the vehicle. Take advantage of pockets, cargo nets, trunks, storage containers, and anything else that can be used to keep things secure. Even a tissue box or a sun shade could become a potential hazard. Use window cling shades instead of metal versions. Don’t allow children to bring heavy toys in the car unless they will be stowed during the trip. Stuffed animals and soft covered items are the only toys that should be inside the passenger area of the vehicle.

Visit LaCava Brothers Auto Supply & Services in Fall River, MA and take a look at our full line of accessories that can be used to help secure your items during a trip. Cargo nets and shields are a great way to secure items in the back of an SUV or other open-style vehicle. Over-the-seat storage systems can be used to secure tablets or other video monitors for safe use in the backseat. If you have other items that you need to bring but need to be more secure, make sure to ask our staff about solutions that might be helpful in your situation.

Create an Emergency Kit!
More breakdowns happen in the summer months than during the rest of the year. Part of that is caused by drivers overtaxing their vehicles on family road trips, allowing the car to overheat going up and down hills or driving for long distances without taking breaks. Before you leave on a trip, even if it’s just a weekend drive to the Cape, make sure to prepare your vehicle by getting the tires checked and rotated, the oil changed, and basic routine maintenance performed. Check all fluid levels before departing and make sure to bring an emergency kit in case anything does go wrong when you’re out on the road.

Some of the things that you should add to a summertime emergency kit include:

  • jumper cables
  • extra fuses
  • water – at least one gallon per person
  • portable phone charger – make sure it’s charged up
  • high energy snacks – dried fruit, energy bars, granola, unsalted nuts, etc.
  • sunscreen and hats for everyone
  • first aid kit
  • flashlight – check batteries or get a hand-crank version
  • pocket knife or a multi-tool
  • visibility equipment – including reflective triangles or flares
  • tire pressure gauge, tire sealant, tire changing equipment
  • tow strap, duct tape, rags, basic tool kit, and gloves

Place all of these items inside of a plastic bin with a secure lid and place it inside your trunk of secure it with a cargo net in the back of your SUV or mini van. Make sure to visit LaCava Brothers Auto Supply & Services in Fall River, MA to get most of the items on this list. We can even supply you with oil, filters, and other items necessary to get your family vehicle in shape for your road trip. Plus extra services available at our Fall River auto parts and services center, including rotor turning services, free battery testing, and much more. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 or stop by our location on Bedford Street in Fall River, MA.

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