Top Tools for Installing Fall River Car Parts & Accessories

Top Tools for Installing Fall River Car Parts & Accessories

Tools for Auto Repair at HomeEven if you aren’t very experienced with doing home repairs on your vehicle, there are still some basic things that you can do to help keep your car running. You might not be ready to install new brake pads, but when you are, LaCava Brothers has all of the tools, fluids, automotive parts and service in Fall River that you could ever need. When it comes to setting up a good toolbox for at-home car or truck repair, it pays to get a good basic set of tools that can be used for multiple purposes. While there are some specialty tools that you may need for specific repairs, as long as you have a basic automotive tool set, you will be good to go.

#1 – Socket Set
You won’t get very far in your home repairs or servicing if you don’t have a good socket set. Out of all the tools that you can get at LaCava Brothers, this is the most basic and the most essential. Most of the parts on your vehicle are held in place by nuts and bolts. You need a socket set to get at just about anything, including replacing the bulb in your tail lights. Stop by and take a look at the socket sets available at our car parts and accessories store. Check out the basic sizes and drives that you will need for your specific make and model of vehicle.

#2 – Screwdriver Set
After a socket set, the next thing you’ll need is a set of screwdrivers. You might not think that you will need them for home auto repair, but screwdrivers are essential for any type of home project. Make sure you get a set that has both standard and Phillips head screw drivers, in a wide range of sizes. Screwdrivers aren’t just for tightening or removing screws, you will also use them to remove clips, clamps and other fasteners when doing car repair or maintenance projects. Stop by our store for automotive parts and service in Fall River and check out the different types of screwdriver sets available.

#3 – Wrench Set
The third most important set of tools that you can have is a set of wrenches. This will help you with a variety of different home auto repairs. If you don’t have a socket set or a socket in the right size, a wrench can sometimes do the trick. There are two types of sets that you will want to invest in for your garage at home. The first is the metric set, which ranges between 10mm and 19mm for most jobs. The second is the standard set, which typically comes in a set that ranges between 3/8 inch and 3/4 inch. Most of the newer vehicles on the road today use metric sizes, but there are some vehicles that only use standard. Just make sure you get both at LaCava Brothers because you don’t want to be ready to do some major work, such as install new brake pads, just to find out you have the wrong type.

#4 – Jack & Jack Stands
If you want to get underneath your vehicle to do any type of work that you can’t access directly from the front hood and engine, you’ll need a good quality jack and sturdy, reliable jack stands. You can usually get both together as a set when you look at our car parts and accessories section. Before you shop, check the owner’s manual for your vehicle to determine where and how you can safely lift your vehicle. If you still aren’t sure, speak with one of our team members at LaCava Brothers to find out what type is best. We carry a wide range of options for jacks and jack stands that you can use to install new brake pads, do an oil change, or anything else that requires you to gain access underneath your vehicle.

#5 – Diagnostic Scan Tool
Today’s modern vehicles require the use of a diagnostic scan tool or code reader for many of the malfunction indicators and issues that they experience. LaCava Brothers has a special going on a top quality diagnostic scan tool that you can purchase at our store for automotive parts and service in Fall River. It works with most models that are 1996 or later, including all vehicles from America, Europe and Asian countries. It reads and displays the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for identification and can turn off the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) or check engine light. It can even erase diagnostic trouble codes and re-set the OBDII system. Get this tool alongside our car parts and accessories, and you will also get a user manual that includes the most current trouble codes.

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