Investing in 100,000 Miles: LaCava Auto Parts in Fall River

Investing in 100,000 Miles: LaCava Auto Parts in Fall River

Auto Parts and Services Fall RiverMost Americans are keeping the family car much longer than they did in the recent past. One study discovered that the average vehicle on the road today is approximately 11 years old. As a result, more car owners are hitting the 100,000 mile mark. It helps to prepare for this stage of car ownership by taking care of your vehicle from brand new. However, there are other things that you will need to do as your car or truck gets older, and the team at LaCava auto parts in Fall River, MA can help.

What Does the Manufacturer Say?
The book that you get when you purchase your brand new car has a lot of information inside, but one of the most important sections is the part about ongoing maintenance. We all know that we should get an oil change every three to five thousand miles, but what about other parts and services, such as belts and hoses, how often do they need to be replaced? Whether you know a lot about car maintenance or not, it is important to learn as much as you can about what needs to be done.

The manufacturer’s recommendations are just that – recommendations. The way that you drive your car, the amount of mileage that you put on it each year, and the type of driving that you do, can all affect when you need to get the work done. Every vehicle is also different, so some of the tips that you see online or hear from other car owners may not apply to your situation. If you don’t want to do the work yourself, get recommendations for a trusted, reputable auto shop in town that can help you keep your vehicle in good condition.

Changing & Replacing Fluids
One of the most important types of repair and servicing that you can do to keep your car on the road is the change and replace the fluids as it is needed. It has been said that fluids are the “life blood” of a vehicle, and when they run low or get clogged up with dirt and debris, it takes a toll on your engine and other essential parts. Also, some fluids will lose their effectiveness over time, so they need to be replaced after a certain number of miles.

Some of the fluids that need to be changed on your vehicle include:

  • engine oil
  • power steering fluid
  • coolant
  • transmission fluid
  • brake fluid
  • windshield wiper fluid

New and clean liquids on a regular basis will certainly help your vehicle make it to 100,000 miles. You can purchase name brand, top quality fluids and auto parts in Fall River, MA at LaCava Auto Parts. We carry a wide range of popular brands and options at our Fall River auto parts and services store on Bedford Street.

Replacing Belts & Hoses
There are certain belts and hoses in your vehicle that should be changed once you hit a certain mileage. However, there are instances when these belts and hoses could give out on you before you get to replace them. Check your belts and hoses on a regular basis to look for signs of brittleness, cracking or wear and tear. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, ask a mechanic that you trust. Most belts are made of strong rubber that can stand up to your hot engine compartment, but they will not last forever.

One belt is called a serpentine belt and it should be checked regularly and changed if there are any signs of wear. If this belt goes your vehicle won’t be going anywhere other than the shop for repairs. And when it breaks, it can cause damage inside your engine compartment. Get your timing belt checked and changed as well because it can also cause a lot of expensive damage if it breaks. Visit LaCava Auto Parts to take a look at our selection of parts and auto supply in Fall River. Our team can help you find the belts and hoses you need for your car.

Other Things to Check
In addition to the things that we have mentioned, you will also need to change out your set of tires every now and again, replace your battery, change out a few lights and fuses, and have your brakes replaced. Brakes are extremely important to the safety of you, your passengers, your vehicle, and everyone around you. If you hear squeaking or feel any grinding when you press on the brake, it’s time to get them checked and replaced. LaCava Auto Parts has a wide range of brakes, rotors and auto parts in Fall River, MA that you can use to keep your vehicle up and running.

Spark plugs, fuel filters, air filters, PCV valves and much more should all be checked and replaced as needed. Check the book that came with your vehicle for details on all of the items that you should pay attention to and replace as you work your way toward 100,000 miles. If you regularly change the oil and get your vehicle checked out by a professional, there’s no reason why your vehicle can’t do 100,000 and a whole lot more. Fall River auto parts and services, available at LaCava Auto Parts on Bedford Street, can help you to keep your car running at its very best.

Give us a call at 508-676-1951 or stop by our store to take a look at our selection of auto parts in Fall River, MA. We have all of the fluids, parts, accessories and components you need to make minor and major repairs. We also do rotor turning and hydraulic hose services at our location in addition to providing Fall River auto parts and services. Stop by today and see why so many locals trust LaCava Auto parts for their personal and professional vehicles.

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