Rotor Turning Services in Fall River: Are You a Candidate?

Rotor Turning Services in Fall River: Are You a Candidate?

brake discs and brake pads on a white background. car partsYour car will let you know when it’s time to install new brake pads. Telltale noises and crunchy feelings in the pedal when you brake let you know that it’s time to take your car in for service or make the change yourself. LaCava Brothers has all of the parts and tools that you need to do your own brake job at home. But what about those rotors? While some people believe that you should always just change out the rotors when you install new brake pads, that isn’t always the case. Why spend the extra money if you don’t have to?

Stop by our Fall River, MA car parts and service store and find out if you are a candidate for something called rotor turning services. When your brake pads need to be replaced, what happens is that they wear down over time due to the friction that is caused when they are pressed against the metal disc or drum that is used to actually stop the vehicle. Some people use their brakes more heavily and frequently than others, so it is impossible to say for sure how long your brake pads will last. Some people need to change them every 10,000 miles, while others may need to change them a lot less frequently.

What is Rotor Turning Services?
During regular inspection of your vehicle, such as when you get the oil changed every few thousand miles, you should get your tires rotated. At that time you, or the mechanic if you take it in to get done, can inspect your brakes. They can check the thickness of the brake pads and also look at the overall condition of the brake hardware as well. The annoying screech that you hear when you apply or release the brake, depending on your type of vehicle, is actually a built-in sensor to let you know that you need to install new brake pads. If you ignore this, it will get worse and eventually damage your rotors.

Other signs that your brakes should get checked and possibly replaced include:

  • pulsation feeling through the brake pedal
  • taking longer to come to a stop
  • your foot feels like it goes down further when you brake
  • brake warning light comes on while driving

While some problems can be easily solved just by cleaning the brakes or by adding fluids, others require you to install new brake pads, replace the rotors or – if you are lucky – at least get rotor turning services. What happens when your rotors get turned is that an experienced mechanic can resurface your rotors to create an even and smooth surface, giving you more life with your current rotors. This saves you on parts and, if you hire someone to do it, installation of the new rotors. LaCava Brothers offers rotor turning services at our Fall River, MA car parts and services store on Bedford Street.

Reasons Why You Might Not Be a Candidate
However, it is important to note that not every vehicle is a good candidate for rotor turning services. If you have already had your rotors resurfaced, chances are good that the metal is now too thin to be able to resurface again and be used safely. In some cases, depending on the original brake parts and your driving habits, you might be able to resurface two or three times. It is always best to leave rotor turning services to a professional who can evaluate the safety of being able to provide this service according to industry standards.

It is important to note that many new car manufacturers have now started using lighter rotors in an attempt to increase gas mileage and save money on production. In some cases, rotor turning services cannot be applied to these new lighter weight rotors and they must be replaced whenever you install new brake pads. There is a huge difference between the rotors used today and the ones that were installed in the factory just ten years ago. As a result, many repair shops are not able to resurface the rotors.

Come to LaCava Brothers for Auto Parts & More
If you need to install new brake pads, change your oil, or do any other type of work on your vehicle, come to our Fall River, MA car parts and services store to take a look at all of the parts, tools, fluids and accessories available at LaCava Brothers. We have been providing top quality services to customers in the Greater Fall River area for over 70 years. Our service department can help you determine whether rotor turning services are right for you and your vehicle. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 to speak with one of our team members or to schedule servicing for your car or truck.

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