The Right Tools for the Job: Fall River Home Auto Repair Tips

The Right Tools for the Job: Fall River Home Auto Repair Tips

Auto Mechanic Tools for RepairsWhether you are new to home auto repair or if you have been working on cars since you were a kid, it is important to have the right tools for the job if you want to get the best results. In some cases, you can only do the work that needs to be done if you have a specific or specialty tool. However, there are some tools that no home garage should be without that you can get at LaCava Auto Parts store. Whether your goal is to install new brake pads or do a simple tune-up on your engine, you can trust the Fall River auto parts and services available at LaCava Brothers.

Some tools are expensive and some tools are surprisingly affordable, but when it comes right down to it, there are a few tools that even professionals claim they can’t do without. While everyone would love to have a gigantic toolbox full of every type and size of tool available, that’s not always possible. If you want to make sure that you at least have the basics covered with the tools you’ll need from the local auto parts store, then take a look at our top list of core products that no self-respecting home auto mechanic should be without.

Ratchet & Socket Set – The key here is to have a complete ratchet and socket set at your disposal whenever you need it. Whether you are doing basic maintenance or a full restoration, you will need a quality ratchet and socket set. Forget those $10 sets they sell in the bins at the big box stores, make sure that you have a set of tools that will help you complete a variety of different home repair jobs. A mid-length ratchet that features an adjustable head is a great place to start. A mixed set of standard and metric sockets is event better. Visit your local Fall River auto parts and services center and make sure to pick up a ratchet and socket set that will provide you with a wide range of options.

Ratchet Wrenches – Any type of tool that will make the job easier and faster is always appreciated, and ratcheting wrenches fit this bill. They will help you remove the hardware that a regular ratchet can’t quite reach, but also use the ratcheting feature that helps you finish the job in a fraction of the time. Come to LaCava auto parts to see our selection of ratchet wrenches for yourself. Not sure what to get? Ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff for advice on any of the products available in our local auto parts store.

Screwdrivers – A good set of quality screwdrivers should be in every garage. A screwdriver is a universal tool that will always be needed. However, making sure that your spouse and kids don’t run off with your screwdrivers can be a challenge. Consider getting a basic set for the house to keep in a junk or utility drawer and a higher quality set to be kept in your toolbox out in the garage. Choose from standard or ratcheting screwdriver sets and kits that have options for standard, Phillips, hex head and torx style screws for removal and tightening as they are needed. Check out our screwdriver selections for Fall River auto parts and services.

Hex Key Wrenches – Known commonly by professionals and home users alike as “Allen wrenches”, these handy little tools were previously used for hardware on European cars, but many American automotive and motorcycle manufacturers now use them as well. It is important to have a complete set of hex key wrenches in addition to your set of standard and ratcheting wrenches. Visit LaCava Auto Parts to see our options for these useful and important little wrenches.

Locking Pliers – Used for many different projects, locking pliers can be extremely helpful when you run into parts, bolts, screws and nuts that won’t come off easily using the proper tool. This is a universal tool that can be used in a number of different ways. Make sure to stop by our Fall River auto parts and services store to pick up a pair if you don’t already have some in your garage toolbox.

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