Resurface vs Replace: Fall River Professional Rotor Services

Resurface vs Replace: Fall River Professional Rotor Services

Rotor Resurface or ReplaceLike most other auto parts and accessories, eventually brake rotors wear out. Your rotors wear down a little bit more every time you apply your brakes. In some cases, the rotors need to be replaced when you replace your brake pads, especially if you heard a scratching or grinding sound when you would stop. However, there are other instances when rotor turning services can be applied to resurface your rotors instead of replacing them. Bring your car or truck to LaCava Brothers Auto Supply and Services in Fall River, MA to get your rotors checked before simply replacing them. We also offer other pro services for hydraulic hoses.

Our auto supply store has all of the parts you will need to change your brake pads and replace the rotors, if necessary, but our rotor turning services can help to save you a lot of money, if they are still good enough to be saved. You could spend hundreds of dollars to have your rotors professionally replaced, but our technicians can provide rotor turning services at just a fraction of the cost. Car rotors run $16 each, truck rotors run $20 each, car drums run $12 each and truck drums run $14 each. That’s a huge savings already right there. Call LaCava Brothers or stop by our Fall River location on Bedford Street to have your rotors looked at by our experienced team of technicians.

What Causes Rotors to Wear Out?
When looking for a culprit, a cause as to why some rotors need replacing after just a couple of years, while others are eligible to be resurfaced, you might want to start with where you live. Life in New England isn’t easy for anyone, least of all your vehicle, which is out on the road rain or shine, snow or wind, dirt and dust. Studies how that exposure to road salt and moisture have a big impact on your brakes and rotors. Of course the driving style and braking patterns of the driver also have much to do with it, as well as the type of quality of brake pads themselves.

Brakes that are made of semi-metallic materials have a high percentage of chopped steel fibers in their makeup, which can cause more wear and tear on the rotors than other materials. Non-asbestos organic (NAO) and ceramic brake pads cause less wear and tear on the rotors, making many of those vehicles eligible for rotor turning services.

It is also important to consider the quality of the rotors themselves. There are varying degrees of quality. While the original rotors that came installed on your vehicle may be of a very high quality, you might have gone on the cheap end the last time you replaced them, making rotor turning services impossible. The next time you replace your rotors, don’t just think about the bottom line; consider how long those rotors will last, whether they will be eligible for rotor turning services and don’t be afraid to ask an agent at LaCava Brothers Auto Supply and Services in Fall River, MA for help.

So Can They Be Saved?
When you come in to LaCava Brothers for rotor turning services, services to hydraulic hoses or even one of our free services, such as battery testing for all customers, our team will take a look at the situation and evaluate it to make sure that your vehicle will benefit from moving in that direction. We will check to see the status of your rotors when we check your brakes. The rule of thumb for rotor turning services is the thickness of the rotors. Most rotors can last through two or more brake pad replacements, but others can wear down due to driving habits and location much faster because they are made of a thinner material.

If your rotors do not meet the minimum thickness requirement for safety or if they are wearing out unevenly, they will need to be replaced. The rotor needs to be able to absorb and dissipate heat when breaking occurs. If there isn’t enough metal there to provide that service, there is no use in having them there in the first place. Even if just one rotor is worn beyond repair, you will need to replace both rotors on the vehicle. It is smart to have a pair of new rotors in order to maintain side-to-side braking.

Contact LaCava Brothers in Fall River
If you are in need of auto supply and services in Fall River, MA, check out LaCava Brothers on Bedford Street. We have been providing top quality services to the local region for over 70 years. Our team has the knowledge and the experience necessary to provide hydraulic hoses repair and replacement, as well as rotor turning services in the South Coast region.

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