Check Your Car’s Brakes at LaCava Fall River Car Parts Store

Check Your Car’s Brakes at LaCava Fall River Car Parts Store

Check Brake Rotors for TurningOne of the most important things that you can check on your vehicle is your car’s brakes and braking system. Regular inspection and maintenance of brake pads and rotors will help to keep your vehicle in good working order and, it could save your life. Your car’s braking system is the only thing standing in the way of your brakes working (and you stopping at a stop light or in traffic) or not working (and you getting into an accident). Brakes don’t just help us to stop our vehicles, they also help us to drive more safely and to avoid other accidents while out on the road. Unfortunately, most drivers have no idea what they are doing or what to look for when they check their brakes.

Installing New Brakes
If it is discovered that your brake pads are worn and that your rotors need to be turned or replaced, you might think that the only way to do this is to hire a professional mechanic. Your brakes are a very important component in the safe operation of your vehicle, so if you don’t have any experience in this area or if you don’t trust yourself to do it, go ahead and hire someone to install new brake pads. If you think you can do it yourself, LaCava Auto Parts Store has a wide variety of brake pads and other types of Fall River, MA car parts and tools that you can use to fix your brakes.

Brake pads are used top protect the rotors from damage. The thinner your pads get, the more likely it is that your rotors will get damaged. That grinding noise you hear when you hit the brakes – that’s most likely the sound of metal on metal with your braking mechanism hitting the metal rotors. Brake rotors cost a lot more to replace than it costs to install new brake pads. Rotor turning services are available at your local auto parts store, however in some cases the damage is so severe that replacement is the only option.

Inspecting Your Brakes
Brake inspections should be conducted by a professional twice a year. Go ahead and do it when you rotate your tires. In addition to professional inspections, you should also check your brakes regularly, especially before heading off onto a long trip. The amount of wear that you get will depend greatly on how much driving you do, where you drive and your own driving style. City driving will wear your brake pads out much faster than someone who drives primarily on freeways and rural roads. If you are not experienced in knowing what to look for in brake inspections, take care to elicit the help of a professional, but also pay attention and learn all you can so you will know for the next time.

Here is a step-by-step guide to checking your brake pads:

  • STEP ONE – LISTEN – Are your brakes making any noises when you drive? The design of brake pads is unique. They are designed to make noises when you need to install new brake pads. The sound will be loud and will made a scraping noise inside the wheels even when the car is moving. This sound will become louder and louder as you depress the brakes and use them. This is an early warning feature that will help you know when to get Fall River, MA car parts to install new brake pads on your vehicle.
  • STEP TWO – LOOK – Check your wheels for signs of brake dust accumulation. A little bit of brake dust is normal, but if you hav ea considerable amount of brake dust, chances are your brakes are wearing thin. Before you jump in and install new brake pads, make sure that you really need to replace these Fall River, MA car parts.
  • STEP THREE – CHECK – If you are hearing noises and are seeing a lot of brake dust on your vehicle, it is time to get serious and really look at the brake pad. You can usually see the brake pad by looking through the wheel. You can determine its thickness in most cases just by looking. If it is less than a quarter of an inch in thickness, it will probably need to be replaced. Some brands of brake pads have a slot in the center that is intended to be an indicator of wear and tear. If the slot has almost disappeared, you probably need to install new brake pads.
  • STEP FOUR – FEEL – When you are out driving, you might be able to even feel that your brakes need to be inspected and possibly replaced. In some cases, a vibration can be felt when pressing on the brake pedal if the pads are worn out. If you feel your steering wheel vibrate when braking, that is a very clear indication of brake pad issues. However, if you aren’t sure, you can visit your local auto parts store and have them checked.

Trust LaCava Brothers for Fall River, MA Car Parts
If you are in need of parts to install new brake pads or if you think you need rotor turning services, contact LaCava Brothers Auto Parts Store in Fall River, Massachusetts. Our team can help you find the best parts, tools and accessories that you need to take care of your vehicle. Whether you require rotor turning services or just need to replace your current brake pads, stop by our local store and make sure to ask about all of our top quality, professional services. Give us a call at 508-676-1951 for more information about our Fall River, MA car parts and anything else you might be struggling with regarding your auto repairs and maintenance.

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